Defining “missionary”

What does it mean to be a missionary? If a mission’s goal is to achieve a great result, then a missionary is a person whose objectives closely align with what will ultimately accomplish that same great result. Soldiers and spies go on missions. They have tasks to perform that will help give a tactical advantage … [Read More]

New Devotional Link

One of the ways that we participate in Jesus’ resurrection is through baptism. Pictured above is the baptism of our good friend and now brother in Christ, Noé. He was baptized in Mexico a few years ago and served as one of the leaders of the King of Kings Christian Church. Romans 6:4 gives us … [Read More]

Great Gifts

Ever wonder why so many people believe that Christmas is the time for gifts and for giving? Perhaps it is because the first and greatest gift of Christmas is Christ. At just the right time, Christ came into this world as a baby boy. Jesus lived a flawless life, never once straying even the slightest … [Read More]

Pray to Statues?

We were in our SUV driving home on a Sunday afternoon and our youngest says very matter-of-factly, “Jesus wants to be our forever friend.” “That’s right, He does.” we answered back. “And we don’t pray to anyone but God. We don’t pray to statues because they don’t love us. Only God loves us.” Ian went on. … [Read More]

Making a difference one family at a time

On the day that Adrian, Esther, and Ximena moved into their rented house in URBI near the park, the King of Kings Christian Church was worshipping under the tents that were purchased with donations from VBS offerings given by one of our partner churches.   They saw believers worshipping Jesus outdoors so they walked over … [Read More]

Catching up with partners in the USA

September 20, 2012 One of the unexpected joys of a missionary furlough is having the opportunity to witness the beginning of another missionary’s first steps into a new world.  Recently, Casey had the privilege of sharing the ministry with another partner church in Indiana.  At the same gathering of the team that organizes the Greencastle Christian Church … [Read More]