New Interns, New churches, and New Teachers.

June 10, 2014 Internship 2014 is underway. Jessica and Karissa arrived last week from the USA to learn and to help us this summer in our ministries here in Mexico. CMF missionaries are hosting 41 REACH interns this summer in mission fields all over the world. Please pray for these two wonderful young ladies who … [Read More]

Friendship is a Great Foundation by Casey Hancock

In many verses we have read from God’s Word, we learn about the benefits of friendship.  Even from the earliest days of humanity’s existence, God recognized that no good could come from man’s solitude.  Some have suggested that the motivation in creation is God’s own desire for relationship.  If we can accept that, then the … [Read More]

Small Investments and Big Rewards by Casey Hancock

Here in Mexico it is not uncommon for people to ring the doorbell and make a request. Sometimes we have received requests for used clothing. People ask for work like mowing our yard or polishing our shoes. Yes, we actually have a gentleman who stops by our house and polishes our shoes for a small … [Read More]

Missionaries Are Inspiring to Me. By Casey Hancock

Recently I got to hang out with some pretty amazing individuals. Each year in late February or early March, missionaries in Mexico are invited and encouraged to attend the annual reunion. This year, I was truly inspired by the seasoned missionaries who shared testimonies of their family life and ministries. Newer missionaries, like Teri and … [Read More]

Strong Ministry by Casey Hancock

One of my greatest joys and also one of the best measuring tools of my ministry effectiveness is the ministry that is accomplished by individuals I have discipled. In fact, I have heard it said by U.S. church leaders and ministers that the real strength of a congregation is in her sending power and not … [Read More]

Investing in Children by Teri Hancock

One of my greatest concerns about moving my family to Mexico and becoming missionaries was most definitely my children. How would they handle the change, learn the language, make friends? What about their health concerns? Are there doctors, hospitals, clean food and water where we are going? With their education, do I have to homeschool … [Read More]

Addicted to Church. by Casey Hancock

I think I may have a confession to make. There have been some times when I go to worship more than once during the week. In fact, I have been given the privilege to work with 2 or 3 churches during any given week. I don’t know exactly why but I don’t feel quite right … [Read More]

What Do You Recommend for Marriage? by Casey Hancock

I think it was the first time we were asked to speak publicly about our marriage. Ruben, the pastor of the Eagles Church, called to ask if Teri and I would be willing to participate in an informal interview for the church’s sweetheart/Valentine’s dinner. The event was intended to be a fun, relaxed, outreach dinner … [Read More]

What about the “watched pot”? – by Casey Hancock

Have you ever heard that a watched pot never boils? We have learned that a lot happens in a new church when you are not “looking” at it everyday. While we were in the USA on furlough last year, the King of Kings church grew in many ways that we did not expect and could … [Read More]

Hancock Family Mission

Our family has been sent to Mexico to help start new churches and to introduce people to Jesus Christ. We are able to do so because of the generosity of the body of Christ. Will you consider making a monthly pledge or year end gift so that we can continue serving the church of Christ … [Read More]