Christmas 2014

Casey, Teri, Elizabeth, Corbin, and Ian Hancock wish to send you many thanks for the way that you have taken care of us and given us many great gifts this year. We are continually aware of your giving for us as well as your prayers for our safety, well-being, growth, and success. We look forward … [Read More]

Construction Update and Birthday Pictures

The day before Corbin Hancock turned 14, Casey went to the airport to pick up Steve Moore who came to work in our ministry from the Whitewater Crossing Christian Church in Cleves, Ohio. Steve came to help with a construction project. Yes! We have construction projects to do. There are currently two of our churches … [Read More]

What are you doing?

Casey and Teri Hancock serve the church of Jesus Christ as missionaries to the Mexico City Metropolitan area. We help start new churches and grow leaders here in Mexico. Due to an urgent need in the Mexico City Christian Academy, Teri is serving as the First and Second Grade teacher in addition to her other … [Read More]

Nick Oyler represents Creve Coeur Christian Church of Illinois

Late in October Nick Oyler, the preaching minister of Creve Coeur Christian Church in Peoria, Illinois came to Mexico to work with us in our ministry. Rachel Bowen was scheduled to come as well, but had a medical emergency at the last minute and was not able to come. The good news is that she … [Read More]

Grandparents, what a blessing!

Elizabeth, Corbin, and Ian were greatly blessed by a recent visit from their grandparents Dick and Connie Mikels of Covington, Indiana. Dick and Connie have 7 daughters, all of whom are in the church and 3 are in professional ministry in the US, the Bahamas, and Mexico. Teri and I were glad to receive the … [Read More]

Growing, growing, growing.

The following pictures and narrative depict a Sunday event which took place in October 2014 in Huehuetoca, Mexico State in the King of Kings Christian Church. Please enjoy! Baptism identifies each person who experiences it with Christ as a representation of His death, burial, and resurrection. In our ministries here in Mexico we invite men, … [Read More]

If We Are Not Careful . . .

If we are not careful when it comes to missions and church planting, we can give the impression that missions is something that is done FOR the people in our ministry here in Mexico. In fact, I believe creating a mindset on the mission field that “they” are to receive ministry and “we” are here … [Read More]

Rise up, O Lord by Casey Hancock

The end of summer seems to catch me by surprise more often than not. It was so great to have the opportunity to spend more time with my children during the day while they were out of school. I also love it that we have interns and workgroups that come to work here in our … [Read More]

Marvin K. Mooney or Max Lucado?

We have been reading children’s books at the Hancock house for 15 years. It’s a tradition we have and it is not likely to last for too many more years. Teri has adapted the tradition of reading aloud to include reading on road trips from classics such as the Chronicles of Narnia, Charlie and the … [Read More]

Great Reasons to Celebrate Ministry!

As an American who lives outside the USA there are two big events that I observe from a distance at this time of year. The day when our country (for those of you reading who are U.S. citizens) celebrates its independence as a sovereign nation and the North American Christian Convention. May God be glorified … [Read More]