Inviting New Friends to Join In

We have been encouraged recently by the initiative and the involvement of our Mexican brothers and sisters in Christ. Since there are few people here in Mexico who have and use Internet or telephones in their homes, the church must seek others means to advertise and invite to their events. We have seen two methods … [Read More]

June 2015 Happenings in Mexico

The purpose of this update is to let you know how effective your prayers have been for us as we help advance in the kingdom of God against the spiritual forces of darkness here in this land. Interns: From left to right: Sarah, Jake, and Erin our 2015 REACH Interns In early June, seven REACH … [Read More]

Outreach Means Reaching Out to People Who Have Never Heard the Story!

The King of Kings Christian Church hosted a community event especially for women. Quality medical services in Mexico are not always accessible to everyone. That’s why partnering with the Luis Pasteur Foundation’s mobile medical clinic for a day of quality, economical medical attention especially for women was so successful. The women’s ministry of the King … [Read More]

I Never Read This Story Before.

Thanks to a missionary friend here in Mexico and a website download with free lessons, I am now able to teach English and the Bible at the same time. Many people here in the Mexico City area want to speak English because of the advancement opportunities they would have at work if they could. I … [Read More]

Tax Day Update April 15, 2015

Today is Income Tax Day for US citizens. Since I filed in February, I am super relaxed today and hanging out in the office doing this ministry update, Bible Study details, praying for you, and answering emails. I am also enjoying fresh honey from Luis and Chere Torres who are missionaries in the State of … [Read More]

Mexico Missionary Reunion March 2015

We recently were able to experience a wonderful Mexico Missionary Reunion, or as we call it MMR. We are so thankful that we were able to enjoy such a rich renewal. We are so thankful for our partner churches in the USA who have made it a priority to give toward a ministry that serves … [Read More]

Mid March 2015

This blog should begin with my apology for something included in last week’s update. Over the weekend, I went to the beach in Veracruz. Our vehicle drove right past it. Unfortunately it was 50 degrees outside and we did not have time to “go to the beech”. Wow! That’s not much of an apology, is … [Read More]

March 6, 2015 Update

Without your prayers and sacrificial giving we would accomplish far less here in Mexico. The fact is that you have given to God. You took the time to pray for us, our safety, our success, and our spirits. Thank you. You have also given your money in worship to God and His kingdom. We get … [Read More]

Your Prayers Get Answers

This message is a big “Thank you!” for your prayers. We know that many of you pray for the daily details of our lives. You have asked God to protect your missionaries, to provide resources, to grant them favor with their target ministry group, and to cause all things to work together for their good. … [Read More]

January 2015 Update

In June 2014 we took in two female kittens about the same time Teri had a birthday. While I help out from time to time with their care and I have been known to scratch their heads and pet them too. But they are Teri’s cats. When we took them to the vet to make … [Read More]