Spring Break 2016 Hancock’s in Mexico

Greetings to you from your Mexico Hancock’s in Atizapan de Zaragoza, State of Mexico. If you recognize the above photo, it may be because you have become friends with us on Facebook.com and we posted this most recent family photo on Resurrection Sunday 2016. (Go to our Facebook page for more wildly fun and enjoyable … [Read More]

It’s March 2016 Already?

Spring is ready to spring onto the scene and the Hancock’s are doing great. After all, it is MARCH! The young Hancock’s are getting ready for their annual spring camp for school. MCCA sends the elementary students to Puebla for a Spiritual Emphasis Camp from Saturday to Tuesday. The secondary and high school students will … [Read More]

And a Child Will Lead Them

Last Sunday we were reminded with the inspiration of a 12 year old boy one of the reasons we do what we do and why we are thankful for your gifts and prayers as you partner with us in this ministry. Eddie, the oldest of three children, brought his two younger siblings with him to … [Read More]

This Will Be a Sign to You.

Merry Christmas from Mexico from the Mexico Hancock’s and from your brothers and sisters in Christ who worship our great God together with the King of Kings Christian Church in Huehuetoca. All of our messages this December and into January will carry the theme “Christ is Coming!” When we think of the phrase, “Christ is … [Read More]

Praise from King of Kings Christian Church

We are through-the-roof excited about baptism in the Huehuetoca congregation. While heaven (and we join them) rejoices when someone returns to God, we have been praying for and encouraging one individual in particular for some time now. Please let me give some background as I share this news with you. A few years ago, the … [Read More]

Dream of Coffee

Have you ever dreamed of coffee? Most often when I am dreaming of coffee, I am wide awake. Addiction? Perhaps, but there are other, more damaging addictions out there that I don’t have. And so, I will simply be content to limp along in life with my coffee “aromance.” I would love to have a … [Read More]

Sometimes People Tell Me What They Are Really Thinking.

As I begin this update, I do so with a thankful heart. In the years that you have been praying for our ministry here in Mexico and giving so that we can continue reaching new people with the good news about Jesus, we have always had enough of what God has provided. We were recently … [Read More]

Prayer Request

We appreciate all of your prayers. We currently have a medical prayer request for a minor surgery that Casey will have done on Tuesday October 6. Casey has been nursing a hernia for several months and the corrective surgery will be done on Tuesday afternoon, Lord willing. Please pray for all to go well. Thank … [Read More]

Mission Trips! Not just for Americans anymore!

We love it when you send your team of 3, 4, 6, or more people to us here in Mexico to experience our ministry and see for yourselves first-hand what your missions offerings are accomplishing. But missions trips are not just for U.S. churches anymore. Let me tell you the good news. On a sunny … [Read More]

VBS King of Kings, Huehuetoca, Mexico

Anyone who has enjoyed seeing children of all ages singing, dancing, and celebrating their hope in Jesus knows what I mean when I tell you that our summer Vacation Bible School in Huehuetoca was absolutely wonderful! Over one hundred and thirty different young people participated in the annual outreach event in the central park of … [Read More]