May 2018 Hancock’s in Mexico

Thank you for being interested in our ministry and in providing help for us to do God’s work here in the Mexico City metro zone. Our experience here in Mexico has been protected, provided for, and blessed by you and by your prayers on our behalf and on behalf of your Mexican brothers and sisters in Christ. Our God continues to be lifted high and praised by His people here in Mexico City and beyond.

This spring we were able to complete much of our involvement in many aspects of our ministry here as we prepare for our future. Teri and Ian are pictured above with the elementary age English Club. Casey and Leslie Reid are pictured with their group in the photo below. The work continues even as we pass the baton on to other missionaries and national workers here. New Bible discovery groups are being added to the ministry of Manos de Vida and God is moving in the Eagles neighborhood.



Our work in Mexico began in 2008 when you sent us to start new churches here. We have enjoyed working with many congregations as a part of Christian Missionary Fellowship International’s Mexico Field Team over the past 10 years. It has been a great privilege to grow and serve alongside our missionary teammates and the Mexican leadership in several churches here. We are most thankful for the work we have been able to accomplish with the 1) King of Kings Christian Church (Rey de Reyes) in Huehuetoca the 2) Hands of Life (Manos de Vida) community center in Atizapan and the 3) Tantoyuca Mission in the coastal state of Veracruz. The relationships we have with our co-workers in Christ will last into eternity because of our hope in Jesus Christ.

It is with joy and with tears that we have come to the close of our second missionary term here in Mexico. We  have fulfilled our calling and our commitment to this work and we have finished well.  The next few weeks we are busying ourselves with packing up our house, selling many of our belongings here and saying our goodbye’s to friends and family.  In late June 2018, we will be transitioning back to the USA as a family. We will officially end our commitment with Christian Missionary Fellowship International in September 2018. We hope to be able to visit all of our stateside partners and friends over the summer months to express our appreciation to you and to bring to a close this successful partnership. We ask for your prayers for us and for our family as we make this move.

As a family, we will be continuing to support and encourage the work of CMF International in Mexico through our missionaries by praying and giving to their ministries. We invite you to join us as we switch rolls from being on the field to being senders of workers into the field.

We pray God’s blessings on you and your household.

Casey, Teri, Elizabeth, Corbin, and Ian Hancock

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