Holy Week Update Tuesday April 11, 2017

Jesus is Risen! Indeed.

Let me jump right in because many of you are requesting photos and updates. Thank you for your excitement, your prayers, and your investment in Christ’s work in Mexico. You may have read or heard that the King of Kings Christian Church is purchasing a piece of property from the owner. They moved out of a rented building and into a new worship center which will give them the opportunity to continue growing and inviting others to walk with Jesus and to embrace the truth.

Grand Opening!

Look at the King of Kings Christian Church’s new worship area pictured below. We welcomed just over 70 people for our first Sunday April 2, 2017.

Above: We invite the children who will be in children’s worship class to stand before the congregation for a prayer of dedication each Sunday before the adult message. These are the 20 children (+/-) who attended our first Sunday in the new worship center. One of our elders, Juan López is pictured above praying for our young ones.


Above: Elementary  students learn about Jesus in an age appropriate setting with activities and lessons that are tailored for their level of development.

Below: Our pre-schoolers have a new room in King of Kings’ new home also. They get to celebrate God’s love and learn Bible truth each Sunday morning just like their parents. Well, not exactly like their parents.

Below: Fidel Trejo joined us on our inauguration day. Fidel lives in the east coastal state of Veracruz and ministers with our mission in the Tantoyuca area. Fidel is a mechanic by trade who serves Jesus and His church in musical worship, prayer and teaching ministry, and sharing his faith wherever he goes.


Pictured Below: Basilio Hernandez (center) also lives and works in Tantoyuca, Veracruz with our church mission. One of his adult daughters, Elizabeth, lives in and serves the King of Kings Christian Church community. Basilio and Fidel joined us on our opening day and shared a message of inspiration, encouragement, and special music.

Below: Opening prayer for the first day of worship in the new home of the King of Kings Christian Church ministry. Calle Hidalgo, Colonia San Miguel Jagueyes, Estado de México. We are thankful for all of our church partners who give faithfully, pray unceasingly and who send teams of people to Mexico to encourage the ministry and participate in serving our Great God. Pictured below: James Hansee, Steve Moore, Shannan Volters, and Laura Hamilton from Whitewater Crossing Christian Church who were able to be present for our first day.

Included below are two more photos of the final stages of construction one week before the first worship in the new center of King of Kings Christian Church.

Please continue praying for our ministry and giving so that we can help more churches get started here in Mexico. We are very thankful for your partnership. We would like to again express our thanks to the Second Church of Christ in Danville, Illinois for giving toward building the canopy structure you see pictured above. All of us together can accomplish so much more for God’s Church than any of us can individually. Thank you.

As amazing as it is to see the initiative, faith, and vision of this congregation as they open and inaugurate their new worship center, the King of Kings Christian Church is not just a church who wants to gather a crowd. King of Kings is an equipping and sending church as well. Five Christian men were commissioned and approved for ministry as leaders who will continue serving Jesus, teaching and preaching the Word of God, equipping, baptizing, sending, and leading others on the best adventure of their lives. Pictured above  on the platform are James Hansee of Whitewater Crossing Christian Church and Casey Hancock officiating.  Those being commissioned (from left to right) are: Leonel Malpica, Basilio Hernández, Fidel Trejo, Dr. Gilberto Díaz, and Juan López.

Please continue to battle with us in prayer on your knees for these new steps that the King of Kings Christian Church is taking in faith and in promise. The Word of God is powerful and effective. Please ask God to strengthen His church with the Truth and to protect the ministry and testimony of His followers as they embark on this new path of growth and expansion.

Come back soon to our website for new updates.


Thank you,


Casey and Teri Hancock

CMF International



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