March 2017 Update Hancock’s in Mexico

We are thankful and a little overwhelmed by God’s grace and your giving! We have often communicated to you that without your help we could do far less than we have been able to accomplish as we do our part of God’s work. Many of you have been with us since before we came to Mexico and you have continued to be faithful to Our Great God first of all and also to us. We could not have made it this far without your prayers, work groups, offerings, and encouragement.

For the past few years, King of Kings Christian Church in Huehuetoca, Mexico has rented a building as their worship center and home base for ministry near Urbivillas del Rey subdivision. A few months ago they were able to negotiate the purchase of a piece of property next door to where they have been meeting. There is a small building with two open rooms and a connected cobblestone lot. In partnership with the Second Church of Christ of Danville, Illinois, they were able to purchase a metal frame structure that measures 7 meters wide by 21 meters in length. The frame was offered for sale by another ministry in another part of the Mexico City area and arrived disassembled and in need of some tender-loving-care.

Our first work group of 2017 arrived for the last week of February to assemble, install, paint, and repair the metal frame structure that will become the new worship center for the King of Kings Christian Church in Huehuetoca, Mexico. This group of seven was sent by the Second Church of Christ of Danville, Illinois. We are very thankful to the Second Church and to Mike Cundiff, Tim Holycross, Joe Mikel, Richard Mikels, Linda Smith, and team leader Darrell and his wife Lisa Morgan. They are one hard-working crew.




In the afternoons, as the rest of the group was working on the structure, Lisa Morgan, Teri Hancock, and the King of Kings children’s ministry hosted an outreach event that we called “Under the Sea.” Lisa brought in craft supplies, decorations, and sent lessons for Teri to translate. The King of Kings children’s ministry workers prepared as well and together they pulled off a fantastic outreach event that encouraged the faith of these little ones who are learning to love Jesus. Joint efforts like these encourage so much growth, inviting, and excitement that will bring so much momentum to the ministry of Jesus in this community.








Pictured to the right: Crafts are always popular with kids of any culture, language, and age.



Pictured below: music and worship play a big part in celebrating our Savior Jesus.








English Club:

We were so glad to have so many extra English speakers for our weekly English Club in the Eagles neighborhood. Part of the CMF Mexico Field team works on the North side of the greater Mexico City Metropolitan Zone through a community center called Manos de Vida, A.C. (Hands of Life when translated in English) We took the Second Church workgroup to English Club on Wednesday afternoon. Most of our English Club participants have no connection at all to any church of any kind. The purpose, hope, and prayer of this outreach (and other ministries of Manos de Vida) is to start new bible study groups and eventually start a new church in the Manos de Vida community center.


Pictured below: Teri Hancock and CMF Intern Carolyn Cornwell lead Elementary English Club at Manos de Vida Community Center.



Pictured to the right: Casey Hancock leads an activity practicing listening to and following instructions in English. The verbal command is, “Touch your ear.” Most of the students were not tricked by Casey touching his chin. They are learning their English well! Later they enjoyed the opportunity to interview our guests and practice their English skills with the Second Church workgroup.


Attendance at our weekly English Club in the Eagles neighborhood has reached 50 students in recent weeks. PLEASE pray for more workers for this harvest field!



Progress on the King of Kings Structure:

Since the workgroup was able to complete the assembly and installation of the metal structure, the work of installing the covering could begin. The projected first Sunday “Grand Opening” is planned for April 2, 2017.

Pictured below is the progress on the covering installation. Juan Lopez, one of the Elders of the King of Kings church, is pictured in the red shirt with the workers who are installing the covering.

Once the covering is completely finished, King of Kings Christian Church will have a new home and worship center big enough for them to grow and expand. The excitement among our Mexican brothers and sisters is inspiring. We praise our Great God and Father. The installation of the covering is nearing completion in the picture below.



Mexico Field Team News:

CMF’s Mexico Field Team gladly welcomes Jonny and Gemma Forsythe who are missionaries to Mexico as a part of the One Mission Society United Kingdom. Jonny and Gemma returned to the Mexico City area in February and will work alongside the CMF team to encourage and develop church leaders. For an excellent article that provides more insight on the Forsythe’s connection to CMF Mexico click here!


Soccer Team Ministry:

Over a year ago Oscar Garcia (holding the black and green ball), Worship leader at the Northside Christian Church, started a Futbol 7 soccer team as an outreach to invite young men from the neighborhood to play soccer on the church team. The idea is to make friends outside the church members and invite the team to get to know our best friend Jesus. Casey and Corbin Hancock have been playing on the team for about 6 months. We invited two young men from the Eagles neighborhood to play on the team as well. Here are some of the team members pictured to the left on the day we brought out our new uniforms. Please pray with us for this outreach ministry and for the friendships and witness of our team.

The Hancock’s are very grateful for your prayers and we consider you as our partners in this ministry. May God grant you blessings each day.

If you would like a more detailed report and lots more pictures of the February workgroup trip from Second Church of Christ, Danville, Illinois, please send me a message with your request.


March 2017

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