Fall Update 2016

Greetings from the Hancock’s, your missionaries in Mexico. First of all we send you our thanks for your gifts, prayers, and support for this ministry. Without you, we would not be able to continue serving God and His church here in Mexico. Our prayer is for God to return to you in even greater measure the blessings you have given to us.

Above: San Sebastian, Tantoyuca, Veracruz, Mexico

Above and Below: Casey and David Diaz in Veracruz


Huehuetoca, Mexico
Each summer the King of Kings Christian Church (K2) in Huehuetoca, Mexico offers a quality, inspiring, and FREE outreach event that is very similar to a Vacation Bible School event in the USA. This summer we hosted 186 community kids on our highest attendance day. The King of Kings Christian Church (K2) is continuing to follow up with the families who enjoyed participating in our Summer Outreach. Please pray with us that new families will join in the ministry of K2. Because we have had so many newcomers in recent months, the leaders of the K2 congregation have been preaching through Bible passages that communicate who we are and what we believe. Since these new friends have either no church background or they have come from a Catholic faith heritage, the aim is to connect everyone with the Bible as our primary source for the practice of our faith in God and ministry to our neighborhood. The K2 leadership has also been offering a discipleship course to help everyone develop and grow closer to our Christ. Thank you for your ongoing partnership with us in prayer. God continues to honor our faithfulness.

Above: 2016 VBS or EBV as we call it.

Above: Teri, Javier, and Lore mixing a cake in Huehuetoca. Our friends have a restaurant stand where they serve different kinds of Mexican fast food. Lore asked Teri to teach her how to bake a cake for dessert.

Above: Casey and Omar waiting while the cake is being baked.

Atizapan de Zaragoza, Mexico
CMF has a community center in the state of Mexico in Atizapan known as Manos de Vida (hands of life) near to where we live. Over the summer this year a construction project was completed that added classroom space, a roof was installed over the courtyard, and standard posts were put in place for a protective netting around the field. This makes it so that game balls are contained and neighbor’s houses are protected during athletic events. Since the community center shares its facility with the Mexico City Christian Academy where Elizabeth, Corbin, and Ian Hancock are students, the construction project helps both ministries. We are grateful for your gifts and prayers for all of our ministries here in Mexico. We are also grateful for Teri’s parents Richard and Connie Mikels who visited us in September and helped repair, clean, and service MCCA’s gas space heaters as well as help install the netting on the athletic fields mentioned above. Also in September, Casey was asked to join the Manos de Vida Wednesday afternoon English club and to begin working with the Manos de Vida degree completion program to begin discipleship with current community center contacts. The goal of this strategy will be to grow disciples and eventually begin a new church in Atizapan. We have already begun new discovery bible groups in the Aguilas neighborhood. For those of you who have been here to visit or have heard or read about the Aguilas church, you may be thinking: “The Aguilas neighborhood has a Christian Church already.” You may not be aware that in 2016, the Aguilas congregation, under national leadership, decided to move out of the Manos de Vida community center facility and the Aguilas neighborhood. This has left the Aguilas neighborhood in need of a Christian church presence and so we are praying and working toward the vision of getting a new ministry going. Please pray with us for many aspects of this ministry.

Above: Richard Mikels and Steve Carpenter setting hooks for the netting at Manos de Vida/MCCA

Above: Installing the net.

Tultepec, Mexico
Casey is also helping Steve and Carpenter (CMF Missionaries) in nearby Tultepec, Mexico with a community outreach English clubs for kids, youth, and adults. The neighborhood where Steve and Kay live has offered the use of a meeting room for these clubs. The strategy we are using will allow us to get to know people that we would likely not have contact with otherwise. Our hope is to teach English, make new friends, and introduce them to our best friend Jesus. We are also offering training and mentoring in Bible study methods to everyone who is willing to go deeper and move to the next level.

Above and Below: Steve Carpenter teaching English club for kids.


Tantoyuca, Veracruz
Many of you have been praying for a mission on the east coast of Mexico that we have joined and continue supporting with official government documentation, teaching, and training visits. In October, one of the elders from ICN (Northside Christian Church), David Diaz joined Casey in traveling to Veracruz to preach, teach, and help baptize 3 new sisters in Christ. It is rewarding to see the mutual ministry that our national brothers and sisters continue to give and receive. God uses their testimonies and ministries to give needed inspiration among Mexican leaders who serve the same Christ in their own unique contexts.

Carmelita rejoices after having been renewed by Christian Baptism!

Above: Musical worship with Alfonzo and his children in Veracruz.

We are very thankful for your continued investments in this valuable ministry. We are very hopeful and encouraged by what God is doing here and we are comforted by the confidence that you are praying and giving so that we can live and work here in Mexico.

Other prayer items:
Hancock children – especially Elizabeth who is in her senior year of high school and making preparations for entering university in 2017.
Uncertainty in Mexico in the face of inflation, rising exchange rates compared to the US dollar, educational reform, and upcoming US presidential transition.
Personal health of Hancock family.

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