Summer 2016 Has Begun

While summer months in the USA (at least in the midwest) means more sunshine and hot weather, here in the altitude of the Mexico City valley it means the rainy season has begun. Cooler temperatures in the mornings and evenings mean that, as I write this, I am wearing long-sleeves and long pants. It is also the last day of June which means something special this year in the Mexico City area.

In April, the government imposed a mandatory vehicle circulation contingency plan which meant that all vehicles were subject to restrictions regardless of their emissions verification status for up to 3 days each week. These measures were put in place based on poor air quality measurements and were supposed to help lower the contaminants in the air over our beautiful mega city. June 30, 2016 is the last day this contingency is in effect. We will now be able to drive our vehicle 24/7. Because of this we are overflowing with thanksgiving to God and we are praying that the new rules that govern environmental factors will be adequate and deal appropriately with all sources of pollution in our area. This issue has served to teach us once again that we are foreigners living in a culture not like the one we experienced in the USA and flexibility is key. Thank you for praying for us each day for God to accomplish extraordinary results in our ordinary, everyday lives and activities.

Let’s move on to other areas of life and ministry.

King of Kings Christian Church
Our number one aim in the ministry as a church is to give people a genuine and authentic encounter with God because they have joined in the ministry of the King of Kings Christian Church (K2). All kinds of good results come from interaction with Him, such as life change. K2 is a ministry where people’s lives are changing for the better. Of course numbers are not the only metric to gauge our effectiveness, but the numbers do tell a story.


People of all ages love the K2 family of believers.



Let me share some metrics with you. K2 Sunday morning participation has been consistently higher than in the past. Seating has been an issue because K2 attendance has been consistently over 50 in our Sunday Morning Worship for all of 2016. This month we also witnessed 9 baptisms because the Spirit of God is leading people through transformation and toward a lifestyle of walking with Christ daily. We praise God for this in a BIG way.









Veracruz Mission
During this term, we have become involved with a ministry in the state of Veracruz. Recently Corbin, Ian, and Casey went to encourage, train, and teach in the rural town of Tantoyuca and the villages of San Sebastian, La Concepcion, San Diego, and El Callejón. We also visited the municipal jail in nearby Chicontepec. Each time we have had the opportunity to preach the good news among the inmates who join us, it amazes us to see the hope that thrives in the midst of a group who have more reasons than most to simply give up. These men and women (it is a coed facility) persist in their audacious faith. Some of these prisoners will likely never take another breath of air as a free person because their sentences will extend beyond their lifespan. Even though they have little or no hope of freedom in this life, their faith will set them free from the grasp of the evil one. Pray for your brothers and sisters who are incarcerated.

One of the above mentioned villages wears the name El Callejón. Adolfo lives there with his family and they are the only Evangelical Christians in the village. This home group is the newest group to have begun in the Veracruz Mission. There are no paved roads in any direction for about 10 Kilometers (or perhaps more). Adolfo and his family need you to pray for them as God builds His church through them. The light is shining in the darkness.

We invited David Espinoza to accompany us on our weeklong trip to Veracruz. David is a young man who came to Christ several years ago through the ministry of the Nueva Vida church in Pachuca where our CMF teammates Greg and Vicki Syverson serve. David has been called by God to be a missionary. He is a Mexican citizen and currently works full-time as a carpenter and serves Christ in his home church in Pachuca. David has also been trained as an evangelist and loves children’s ministry. He participates regularly in mission trips to other parts of Mexico having been to Veracruz and Chihuahua in May and June of this year and previously to Chile, Colombia, and Peru. Pray that God will continue providing for David and leading him into all kinds of ministry opportunities.

David and Ian trying on their motorcycle helmets in Veracruz

When the 2015-2016 school year concluded, Elizabeth and Teri returned to the USA to visit several universities. Elizabeth is a Senior in school now and is making preparations to attend a university in the USA in the fall of 2017. We are very proud of her accomplishments so far. This school year she earned all A’s in all of her classes and scored 1210 on the SAT. Please pray for her as she decides which university is right for her and where it is that God is leading her as she approaches this next phase of her life.

We want to thank all of you who have been praying especially for Teri as she served on the board of MCCA and helped in many aspects of the transition that MCCA made in affiliating with the Network of International Christian Schools (NICS). Teri has officially fulfilled her commitment and finished her service as MCCA board member. We are grateful for MCCA and the opportunity to have served Christ, His kingdom, as well as MCCA families.

Here we are at MCCA graduation reception 2016 – Ian, Teri, and Casey.

As we conclude this mission update for June 30, 2016 we reflect on how thankful we are for you because you pray for us and for God’s work to continue. Thank you also for your gifts to help this ministry continue and grow. May God heap His eternal blessings upon you.

Casey and Teri Hancock
CMF International

Please pray for:

Growth and fruitfulness in all our ministries.
Strong marriages and families.
Lives and hearts to be changed for good because of Christ.
Health and safety for us here in Mexico.
Upcoming summer outreach events.
King of Kings Christian Church
Veracruz Mission
Our leaders and their families: Basilio, Gilberto, Guillermo, Juan, and Leonel
Emerging leaders
Mexican missionaries: David, Cynthia, and others that God is and will be calling.

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