Who Would Have Thought It? In Mexico.

Even among the Mexican people, many of them anyway, police officers have a reputation for being corrupt and dishonest. I do not need to speculate about that, I have met some of them who were very dishonest. Recently, however, I met an entire police department of good, Christ-honoring men and women in uniform. A new friend and fellow missionary David Espinoza arranged for Job Lara and I to visit their roll call and start of watch revision and prayer meeting. You read correctly, these officers pray together voluntarily at the beginning of their shift. Not only do they pray and sing praises to God, they have also prayed for the resolution of serial robberies and other crimes. The miracle of their story is that God has answered their prayers and has helped them catch criminals who would otherwise be difficult to apprehend. Who would have thought it? In Mexico.

I can honestly give testimony that I have rarely seen anyone as “on fire” for God as their chief of police showed himself to be. This local police force is an inspiration that I dare say is rarely found, perhaps much less likely in Mexico. In years past, their small town earned the reputation for being one of the toughest, most violent, and mafia ridden places in Mexico. Over the course of the last 5 years their journey toward purity and nobility has led them through an incredible transformation. Some might even go so far as to say miraculous. Who would have thought it? In Mexico.

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Casey is pictured above with the Mexican version of SWAT team.

What I consider myself privileged to have witnessed on what I thought was going to be an ordinary Thursday, changed my perspective forever. I dare say I will never look at police officers the same again. I have started regularly praying for the officers that I see as I pass them on the street as well as the band of faithful officers I prayed over in their headquarters. Will you join me (if you haven’t prayed regularly) in praying for our police officers who protect and serve us? Pray for the influence of this local police unit to spread throughout the state, into other states, and all over Mexico. Please, ask God to move in the hearts of believers here so that they will encourage and pray for their local, state, and federal police. When God starts moving in the community, He moves more than just the church.


(Above) One officer leads in a praise song about God’s promises and their promise as a squad to be faithful.

Even though I cannot say that I expected God to be moving in the police force, I can say that I am delighted to have been a witness to it. And I desire greatly to see much more of it. One thing I know that I need is for those of you who consider yourselves to be my prayer warriors, to identify yourselves to me so that we can communicate more about what your prayers are bringing about here in ministry. I am looking for 20-30 prayer warriors that I can count on and communicate with, one for each day of the month, who will pray for specific needs of this ministry daily.

Will you be one of my prayer warriors? I know who some of you are. I know that you have been praying. I have some more for you to pray about and ask God to accomplish. I cannot say that I know all of you who are praying earnestly for God’s power to bring about this kind of transformation. But I want to know that I can count on you to pray faithfully and I would like to know who you are.

If you want to be identified as one of my personal prayer warriors, will you contact me with your first and last name, home church, email address and telephone number, please?

I can be reached by:
email: CaseyHancock@cmfi.org or casey@mexicohancocks.com
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/H2.Casey
telephone: (513) 277-0273

Thank you. Your missionary to Mexico,

Casey Hancock

Please enjoy these photos:

Start of watch revision and roll call (only half fit in this shot)

Casey (in red) pictured with their special weapons and tactics (SWAT) team.

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