And a Child Will Lead Them

Last Sunday we were reminded with the inspiration of a 12 year old boy one of the reasons we do what we do and why we are thankful for your gifts and prayers as you partner with us in this ministry. Eddie, the oldest of three children, brought his two younger siblings with him to worship. No parents, no guardians, just Eddie and his little sister and brother. He saw the sign out front of the King of Kings Church and showed up, making sure that he and his family joined in the worship.
While other 12-year-olds may complain at having to get up early and get ready for Sunday worship, this young leader makes it a priority for his siblings.

We are more than reminded, we are filled with awe as we realize that the church exists to be a home, a family, a place where truth is spoken, and even sometimes a safe haven for people just like Eddie, his brother and his sister. Christ calls us to welcome little children in His name. He wants us to welcome adults too; everyone in fact. In the New Testament book of Acts we read that the promise is for all who are near, and all who are far off; for all whom the Lord our God will call. We are glad He keeps calling people. We are glad that He called you to pray with us and for us. We are glad that He called you to give generously as well. And we are thankful you answered that call.

February brings thoughts of love and friendship as we celebrate Valentine’s day. At the King of Kings Christian Church we enjoyed a marriage and family emphasis mini-campaign. Activities included a movie night (The War Room movie was shown) on February 6 and culminated in a “Love Languages” workshop and sweetheart dinner complete with free childcare thanks to our high-schoolers on Saturday the 13th.


In the past two months We have seen a renewed commitment from families who have been in the church for a while as well as a recent surge of new people who are growing and serving. However “normal” this surge may be, it is encouraging to see the way that everyone is being included and cared for by the current leaders who have been purposeful in their planning and carrying out the ministry. There is nothing like it when the church is working right.

Blessings to you!

Your missionaries to Mexico,
Casey and Teri Hancock

Each year we have a business meeting of all of the churches that belong to our religious association. We didn’t take a group photo, but here is a quick picture of the King of Kings representatives. Juan Lopez, Leonel Malpica, and Casey Hancock

AR 2016 JuanLeoCasey

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