This Will Be a Sign to You.

Merry Christmas from Mexico from the Mexico Hancock’s and from your brothers and sisters in Christ who worship our great God together with the King of Kings Christian Church in Huehuetoca. All of our messages this December and into January will carry the theme “Christ is Coming!”

When we think of the phrase, “Christ is Coming!” we can think historically remembering that this message was announced to prophets and angels; to shepherds and kings. It is striking that while to Herod, no divine message arrived to guide him to the Christ-child other than the ancient message of prophecy; but to the shepherds who watched their flocks at night, an angel appeared and said, “This will be a sign to you . . .” And then specifics were provided so that the shepherds could go and find the Christ-child that very night.

When we think of the phrase, “Christ is Coming!” we also think about the here-and-now. For those of us who have believed in Jesus who reigns supreme, we have the opportunity each day to announce,”Christ is Coming!” We can join with the angels and share good news of great joy which shall be for all people, a savior was born who is Christ the Lord.

We might be out buying groceries, doing Christmas shopping, picking our kids up from practice, or just buying a cup of coffee and it happens. We meet someone whom God has placed in our path. (Do you believe God prepared good works in advance for us to do? Ephesians 2:10 tells us He does.) It has happened to me at the paint store, at the coffeeshop, and in many other places. To be honest, it happens when I least expect it.

Recently I met a young man who works at a coffeeshop that I frequent. If you come to Mexico with a workgroup, I will be glad to take you to the Cafe Punta Del Cielo, its my favorite. Back to my new friend, I learned that his grandparents are retired missionaries who live in Washington State. I don’t yet know all of the details of his family or even if he is a believer or not, but I do know that it was not an accident that we met. I believe God wants us to start a new group together, in fact that is exactly what we are doing. Will you please pray for us as we begin?

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Please pray for us as we join the angels in announcing Christ! We pray for you as well. If you have a specific request or something you would like for us to pray for you, will you please leave us a comment below? Please pray that the testimony of believers in Mexico and in your neighborhood will be seen, heard, and believed this Christmas and into the new year. Ask the Lord of the harvest to bring peace on earth in the hearts of our friends and neighbors.

Until our Lord returns,
Casey Hancock
Your missionary to Mexico

H2 Family Christmas PIC

Merry Christmas from The Hancock’s: Casey, Teri, Elizabeth, Corbin, and Ian

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