Dream of Coffee

Have you ever dreamed of coffee? Most often when I am dreaming of coffee, I am wide awake. Addiction? Perhaps, but there are other, more damaging addictions out there that I don’t have. And so, I will simply be content to limp along in life with my coffee “aromance.” I would love to have a business partner who is interested in opening an evangelistic coffee shop in Mexico. In fact, I have prayed about it. If you know anyone, put them in touch with me.

No, we are NOT taking donations for a Christian coffee house project in Mexico. That’s NOT what this update is about and my main purpose as a missionary is not to start a coffee shop, it is to help people meet Jesus and grow in grace. BUT, if God brings someone into my life who has the “coffee dream,” I will not hesitate to help out. But for now, it is not my number one goal.

However, one of the methods for making new contacts that I use frequently is to patronize coffee shops and eating areas near the suburban train route. These can be great places to study or read. And when there are other people there drinking coffee or eating, it is a great place to meet new friends.

From my bag of resources for conversation starters, I pull out fun and meaningful interview questions that help set people at ease and get us talking even though we just met. If my newfound friend responds to this initial contact in a way that reveals that he or she is open to spiritual truth, then he or she gets invited to participate in (or help me start) a growth group. This is where I need your help. My goal is to start new growth groups of 5 to 8 new contacts. Will you help me pray for this goal? When I am out making contacts, I often think of Matthew 9:37 NIV “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.” I believe that new believers will eventually grow to become workers in the harvest field.

So please join me in praying to the Lord of the harvest. Will you? If we get it right, then it will help a new group of people grow closer to God and understand His truth. (And after that, another new group, and another, you get the idea, right?) They will come to know the hope of eternal life and full life. If we fail to pray, if we fail to be good harvest workers, then they will go along in life, just riding the train and drinking their coffee; never knowing the greatest truth they could ever discover and they miss out on hope.

You are reading this blog because you sent the Hancock’s to Mexico so that we could make a difference and help start new churches. And that’s what we are doing, by God’s grace and design. You are helping us accomplish our purpose each day as you pray with us and for us. You are helping us by giving as well, we need your generosity and we are grateful for your gifts.

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May God bless you and yours during this Thanksgiving season! Drink a cup of coffee with your pumpkin pie, and pray for us! Or pray for us anyway even if you’re not a coffee drinker.

Your missionary to Mexico,

Casey Hancock



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