Sometimes People Tell Me What They Are Really Thinking.

As I begin this update, I do so with a thankful heart. In the years that you have been praying for our ministry here in Mexico and giving so that we can continue reaching new people with the good news about Jesus, we have always had enough of what God has provided. We were recently able to purchase a newer vehicle and we are very thankful for one more way that God has provided. I am also thankful for your prayers for my recovery from hernia surgery about a month ago. Praise God, I am doing much better.

Now, please let me shift gears so that I can tell you about a conversation that I had recently with a new friend I met on my way to the airport one day last week. As we traveled, Gilbert and I were talking about many subjects and eventually about hurricane Patricia and how miraculous it seemed that no one was hurt and almost no damage was done by what was a potentially incredibly destructive force. Gilbert’s comments, however, struck me as somewhat negative about what has been called the biggest hurricane in recorded history. I suggested that, because there was unbelievably almost no damage done, that this was something miraculous. He seemed unimpressed. So I asked him, “Do you believe in miracles?”

“I believe in God, yes. And I am a Catholic. I believe God can do miracles. I just don’t believe in the government officials who are trying to take credit for precautions that were taken and that because of their efforts there was no loss of human life. I believe in God and miracles, I just don’t believe in politicians.” Gilberto stated his matter-of-fact point of view in no uncertain terms and without any candy coating. His frustrations are by no means unique in Mexico, the USA, or any of a host of other countries around the globe.

Because there are many who feel dissatisfied, frustrated, and deceived in our world, we have the opportunity to reach out with understanding, compassion, and with what’s most needed, a listening ear. Gilbert (and many who are exactly like him) just wanted to be heard. So many people that I meet (perhaps you share the same perspective) feel unvalued or undervalued and it is refreshing to them that someone takes the time to listen to them. When we take the time to let people express what may be one of the deepest thoughts or feelings that they have, we also earn the privilege of sharing a life-changing hope that we have found in Jesus our Savior.

When we are faithful and shine our light for those around us who are in darkness to see, an eternity is changed for the better and for good. Thank you for your prayers for us as we live and testify for our great God here in Mexico. Thank you for your giving also. Keep up the good work. May God be praised for the good deeds we do each day because He is at work within us.

Your Missionary to Mexico,

Casey Hancock
CMF International

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  1. Sharon Yoder

    So proud of you and your family. Praying God can continue with his work.


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