Mission Trips! Not just for Americans anymore!

We love it when you send your team of 3, 4, 6, or more people to us here in Mexico to experience our ministry and see for yourselves first-hand what your missions offerings are accomplishing. But missions trips are not just for U.S. churches anymore. Let me tell you the good news.

On a sunny afternoon during the first week of August, 2015 a group of 18 believers from the King of Kings Christian Church loaded up their supplies, suitcases, and a spirit of service into two vans and set out for Tantoyuca, Veracruz. The 6-hour trip took us down from the altitude of the Mexico City area to close to sea level, since Veracruz in one of the coastal states of Mexico. It is on the Gulf/Atlantic side.

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The King of Kings Christian Church (and the Hancock’s as well) have partnered with Guillermo Cruz and Basilio Hernandez who live in Veracruz. The mission is to raise up a new group of churches near the east coast of Mexico. This was not the first of the trips made to Tantoyuca, but it was the first with so many people invested in the success of the ministry. While we were there, we praised God through song, prayer, preaching, testimony, good country cooking, and fellowship. There are primarily 3 groups that we focused on: Adults, youth (6th grade and older), and children (5th grade and younger).


Above: With a lot of prayer, comes a lot of God’s power. With a little prayer comes little power. No prayer, no power.

There are several factors that help shape the way the ministry is developing in the Tantoyuca area. They have a rural landscape with small towns set up along a secondary highway that leads from San Sebastian, a town of around 2000 inhabitants to Chicontepec which claims just under 55,000 inhabitants. Because public transportation is comparatively expensive and less reliable, it is more economical for the local missionary/church planters to travel to the small towns for weekly Bible study and prayer sessions. So that is what our team from King of Kings did as well when we were there in early August.


Above: Juan Lopez (center front) and Gilberto Diaz de la Cruz (right of center) coordinated many details for the King of Kings mission trip.


Above: Although la Concha has no paved roads, we know one family in the village who open their home for people to come and “pave the way” for them to hear the word of God.


Above: We took time out to play in a local stream. The heat and humidity were constant, but the waters were refreshing.


Above: On Sunday morning we returned to the stream for a baptism. Pray for our new sister in Christ, Adela who is also the mother of three young sons.

As always, we thank you for your prayers and for your giving which make our ministry here possible.

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Your Missionaries to Mexico,

Casey and Teri Hancock
CMF International
Mexico Field Team

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