VBS King of Kings, Huehuetoca, Mexico

Anyone who has enjoyed seeing children of all ages singing, dancing, and celebrating their hope in Jesus knows what I mean when I tell you that our summer Vacation Bible School in Huehuetoca was absolutely wonderful! Over one hundred and thirty different young people participated in the annual outreach event in the central park of Urbivillas del Rey neighborhood. Imagine seeing three groups of kids: the Bunny Rabbits are the preschoolers and first graders, the Coyotes are the elementary (2nd – 4th graders), and the Eagles are the oldest (5th – 8th graders). Maybe half of these young people’s families could not justify the cost of sending their child or children to an event of this caliber if we were to charge a fee, but we don’t. We never have. And, Lord willing, we never will. Because of the generosity of our partner churches and families in the USA as well as the commitment and generosity of the members of the King of Kings Christian Church, we never charge the first peso. Sharing the fun of celebration, enjoying quality craft-making, hearing the word of God taught by a gifted story-teller and children’s ministry leader, playing fun and challenging group games together, and eating fabulous munchies is absolutely a priceless experience (in my opinion). Want to see some photos?


Pictured above is the craft tent. Sharon Bowen, Betty Izquierdo, Lucas Newland, and Tina Newland from Legacy Christian Church in Lakeland, Florida worked the Craft tent. Thank you for your hard work and all the supplies you brought!


Above: Kids love candy and we love it when they say their memory verse, everyone wins!


Above: Singing, dancing, praising God. Who can’t help but smile?


Above: May God be praised that we can teach and sing about Jesus and the truth of the Bible in public because Mexico enjoys Freedom of Faith. Special thanks to Urbivillas del Rey who lets us use this park each summer for our outreach to the community.

I (Casey) have had conversations with many members and staff from various churches in the USA about Vacation Bible School. I know some churches no longer offer a “traditional VBS” because it is not evangelistic or outreach. It makes sense to try different strategies and methods to get “outside” the church and reach new families. But we are so thankful that in our cultural setting, these kids get to experience something great. They get to hear about Jesus. They get to be a part of a great church for a week. AND they get invited to participate in our ministry beyond VBS (or EBV as we call it here). In fact a mom, a dad, and the oldest son of one family who attended VBS this year will be baptized this Sunday, August 30, 2015 along with at least 2 others from the King of Kings Christian Church in Huehuetoca. This is ministry that matters! This is hope! This is all for Jesus!

We are thankful for partners like you who care about the kingdom of God. We are thankful that you read our updates and that you care enough to pray for this ministry. Without prayer and without God’s power at work here, we could accomplish very little. So please accept our sincere appreciation for joining us from where you are and for getting involved in supporting the Hancock’s in Mexico.

We would be delighted to keep sending you good reports and good news about how our Great God continues to amaze us over and over again. In order to accomplish this we are asking for three requests of you. !) Pray like you are the only one praying. We are thankful for a host of prayer warriors and we ask you to pray often for God’s will and work here. 2) Give in a way that makes it impossible for God not to laugh for joy. We are asking for the privilege of putting your missions offerings to good use. Some of you reading this announcement have never made a financial gift to our ministry. Many of you make frequent gifts. If you are able to give, will you please give today? $25, $50, $100 or more can and will make a difference Click here to make an online gift. and 3)Trust in God to use us to fulfill your prayers and make your missions dollars effective. Our God is able.

If we get the job done and if we do it well, then the families of these children (and others) will be blessed for generations here on this earth (unless Jesus returns sooner rather than later). They will spend a blessed eternity with our heavenly Father. If we can no longer continue, the future is not as bright. No Jesus, no hope. Know Jesus, know hope.

Let me close this message with this: your gifts, your prayers, and your love, combined with the presence of God at work here are helping us to make a difference here in Mexico. We need you. May God overwhelm you with the kind of blessing that you have been and we trust will continue to be for us.

Your Missionaries to Mexico,
Casey and Teri Hancock

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