Inviting New Friends to Join In

We have been encouraged recently by the initiative and the involvement of our Mexican brothers and sisters in Christ. Since there are few people here in Mexico who have and use Internet or telephones in their homes, the church must seek others means to advertise and invite to their events. We have seen two methods that have worked well here. It is a great privilege to work alongside these creative and faithful Christians. Please allow me to share them with you in this mid-July update:

Each summer for the past six years or so, the King of Kings Christian Church has put together a kids Bible course in the park where the public worship first started. In order to get the attention of the neighborhood students and young people, the church organizes a parade with church people dressed up as clowns, cowboys, cowgirls, animal mascots and characters that winds its way through the neighborhood and invites people to come to the event (see picture below). Please pray for the event as well as a U.S. workgroup from Legacy Christian Church in Lakeland, Florida who will be here to help with the kids Bible outreach on July 20-25.

REACH parade 001

We (Casey and the REACH interns) witnessed and participated in another effective way to announce church activities and events when we traveled to our mission churches in Tantoyuca, Veracruz at the end of June. We went from house to house in small groups making a personal invitation and publicizing the activities and events. This works great in a small Mexican town especially on Sunday morning when most people are home. Another aspect of the invitation that works well is that the Christians who live in that small town have a great witness and are involved in the community.

Pictured above: Our REACH Interns organized and worked together with the Pastoria community believers to teach the Bible and play games with neighborhood kids on Sunday, June 27, 2015.


Pictured above is a preview event of a children’s activity in our mission church in San Sebastian, Veracruz. Casey and our CMF REACH interns put together a four-day trip full of preaching, teaching, and children’s outreach events to encourage them in their ministry and help prepare for another series of outreach events in August.

The King of Kings Christian Church (K2) will be doing a church mission trip (about 5 hours drive) in August. The purpose of this all-church mission trip is to model for this small, but growing ministry in Veracruz how to organize and execute a children’s ministry outreach event like our EBV (or VBS in the USA). The trip will take place from July 30 – August 2, 2015. It will not be the first mission trip that the K2 church will have sponsored, but it will be the first event of its kind and of such great magnitude. We praise God that He is giving the K2 church the motivation and the opportunity to be a church that helps plant and encourage other new churches. God’s vision is great! Please pray for the safety and success of this venture.


Pictured here is a group of “jovenes” or youth (Junior High and High School aged) who joined in the fun activities our REACH interns organized for them.

In the small town called Pastoria (another small town served by our mission in Veracruz), we coordinated kids activities and Bible teaching on Sunday morning at 11am. And later at 1pm the adults were invited to the public worship and Bible teaching we offered. One of the local leaders coordinated 5 testimonies from among the believers. God has been at work to call many new believers in the Pastoria surrounding area to faith in Him. Casey preached on the essentials of Bible study and what the Bible teaches about itself. And, as a part of their offerings (we learned later), the people were to bring enchiladas and cold flavored water to share. Now that’s my kind of offering! All together there were about 60 people who came out to enjoy the festivities. That’s part of what “church” is all about.

We are thankful for you prayers and gifts to help this ministry grow. We pray that God will repay you one hundredfold with His blessings.

Please pray with us for our fellow workers Memo and Nika (pictured below) who help lead the ministry in the San Sebastian area.
Memo Cruz

May God grant you peace, hope, and joy each day,

Casey and Teri Hancock
CMF Church Catalyst Missionaries

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