Outreach Means Reaching Out to People Who Have Never Heard the Story!

The King of Kings Christian Church hosted a community event especially for women. Quality medical services in Mexico are not always accessible to everyone. That’s why partnering with the Luis Pasteur Foundation’s mobile medical clinic for a day of quality, economical medical attention especially for women was so successful. The women’s ministry of the King of King’s congregation in Huehuetoca, Mexico dreamed, prayed, planned, recruited, and executed well this event to care for women physically and spiritually. They even offered free salon services “while you wait”.

Elizabeth Hernandez and Leonel Malpica (pictured below) shared their testimony of how God healed Elizabeth’s mother from an inoperable tumor two years ago that had wrapped itself around her aorta and is miraculously gone today. Lynda Inchaustegui, veteran missionary to Mexico City, shared biblical teaching as well. Casey and Elizabeth Hancock participated also by playing with the few children who accompanied their mothers, hosting the participants, and engaging people in spiritual conversations.


Leonel Malpica tells how he and his family trusted in God to heal his mother-in-law Minerva, and God did it!


Leonel’s wife Elizabeth Hernandez (wearing red in the back center above) testifies to God’s healing power in the park of UrbiVillas del Rey.

Many Bibles and printed Bible-based messages were given away which raised the level of awareness and questions about God’s Word. I was even asked, “What do the little words at the top of the page mean?” It is such a huge privilege to help people begin to understand how to navigate their way through the Bible who are reading it for the first time. It is sad to realize that many here in Mexico have never read the Bible and have little knowledge of the message of hope that God has in store. We are never closer to our purpose than when we help another human being open the Bible and discover God’s truth.


Pictured above, Casey Hancock teaches how to use a Bible to two women who attended King of King’s outreach event.

At the present time, we are completely out of Spanish language Bibles. A workgroup from First Christian church in Evansville, Indiana will bring us new Bibles on June 6, but in the mean time, we will have to wait. Please continue to pray for the ministry of the King of Kings Christian Church here in Mexico.

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Your missionary to Mexico,

Casey Hancock

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