I Never Read This Story Before.

Thanks to a missionary friend here in Mexico and a website download with free lessons, I am now able to teach English and the Bible at the same time. Many people here in the Mexico City area want to speak English because of the advancement opportunities they would have at work if they could. I have met many people since moving to the Mexico City area several years ago who work for American based companies like Wal-mart and Home Depot. If they could speak English, and some of them can, they would be able to advance in their workplace. So, often I have been asked if I teach English classes.

That’s how I met Juan Carlos. I was buying paint for a small workgroup project we were doing. We were in the store where he works and during the conversation he asked me if I taught English. Months have passed since the day we met and we have been studying the Bible stories in English.

In our conversations and studies, I have learned so much about Juan Carlos and his family. One thing I have learned is that in the past two years since beginning this job, he works every Sunday and is not able to visit the Christian Church that his aunt and uncle invited him to attend. Juan Carlos has an interest in spiritual matters and in the Bible, however. It is noteworthy that he still says that the church is his aunt’s and uncle’s church.

We recently read the Bible narrative that tells of the events of Jesus’ birth and early days. Juan stopped, reflected a moment, then said to me, “I really like reading these stories. I never read this story before.”

Juan Carlos is like many people here in Mexico who have perhaps heard the name Jesus but little more. They have attended mass but have never met Jesus. They know about religious things by a minimal exposure and they are fascinated when they read the good news for themselves. It has been my privilege to be there when those discovery moments come around. Lord willing, I will continue bearing witness to these precious moments for many, many years to come.

Your prayers and offerings play a vital part in making our ministry here in Mexico thrive and for that we are very grateful. One of the biggest thank you’s that we can send to you is to continue in faithfulness here in our ministry. But we want you to know that we are thankful and we want you to be able to praise God for the good things He is accomplishing with your offerings and donations to CMF. Teri and I consider it a privilege to be your representatives here in Mexico for the sake of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We request that you keep praying for success in ministry. We ask for you to pray for Juan Carlos and for thousands more just like him who will hear the gospel message and believe.

Your Missionary to Mexico City and beyond,

Casey Hancock

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