Tax Day Update April 15, 2015

Today is Income Tax Day for US citizens. Since I filed in February, I am super relaxed today and hanging out in the office doing this ministry update, Bible Study details, praying for you, and answering emails. I am also enjoying fresh honey from Luis and Chere Torres who are missionaries in the State of Puebla. Over the past weekend, I had the privilege to travel to Puebla, Puebla to visit with the Mosaico Christian Community in Cholula, Puebla and encourage their ministry.

God provided housing for me at the home of George Kubricht and his wife Ceci Albarran. They are great hosts with good cooking skills and a great sense of how to make really good coffee! It was wonderful visiting with them and getting to know them better, being encouraged by them and encouraging them in the ministry. God also provided two other fabulous hosts Beto Reyes de la O and Juan Salva who gave me the downtown tour and we became closer friends as well. I was glad to be able to touch base with fellow CMFers Nina McNure, Courtney Wilson, and Jennifer Patinaude while in Cholula.

The Mosaico ministry is a new church work since a few years ago when Todd and Tonja Hancock (CMF Church Catalyst ministries missionaries) moved to the Puebla area to start a church in cooperation with the El Pozo GlobalScope Campus Ministry (also CMF). Since July of 2014 the Hancock’s (or H1 as we call them here on our team) have been on furlough in the USA. The other members of the MFT have come alongside the Mosaico Christian Community to encourage and equip them in the absence of the H1 family who are making plans to return soon.

The weekend consisted of two main workshops and preaching in their Sunday morning worship. “Discipling Jesus’ Way” emphasized the pattern and goal of making disciples the way that Jesus did when he walked the earth in Galilee 2000 years ago. We also focused on “Basic Principles of Bible Study.” These two fundamental workshops give many practical steps and helps to believers of all levels of development.

Here are a few photos of the events.


Above from left to right: Ceci, Paula, and Beto enjoy the course and dig in to the Bible.


Above from left to right: Sergio, George, and Chere are reading and applying the principles we emphasized.


Pictured above from left to right: Ceci, Juan, Beto, George, and Casey. We enjoyed a great evening at George and Ceci’s home. We are encouraged by the enthusiasm of young men like Beto and Juan. We hope that they are encouraged by the time we visited with them and the advice and mentoring that long time believers pass on. May God’s Kingdom increase and grow through all of our ministries.


Sunday Morning worship with the Mosaico Christian Community pictured above and below.

Mosaico Apr2015A

Thank you Mosaico for your ministry. Thank you El Pozo for the use of your facility and the participation of several of your leaders. I look forward to many more opportunities to teach, preach, and encourage your ministries.

To God be the Glory!

Casey Hancock
CMF International


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