Mexico Missionary Reunion March 2015

We recently were able to experience a wonderful Mexico Missionary Reunion, or as we call it MMR. We are so thankful that we were able to enjoy such a rich renewal. We are so thankful for our partner churches in the USA who have made it a priority to give toward a ministry that serves … [Read More]

Mid March 2015

This blog should begin with my apology for something included in last week’s update. Over the weekend, I went to the beach in Veracruz. Our vehicle drove right past it. Unfortunately it was 50 degrees outside and we did not have time to “go to the beech”. Wow! That’s not much of an apology, is … [Read More]

March 6, 2015 Update

Without your prayers and sacrificial giving we would accomplish far less here in Mexico. The fact is that you have given to God. You took the time to pray for us, our safety, our success, and our spirits. Thank you. You have also given your money in worship to God and His kingdom. We get … [Read More]