January 2015 Update

In June 2014 we took in two female kittens about the same time Teri had a birthday. While I help out from time to time with their care and I have been known to scratch their heads and pet them too. But they are Teri’s cats. When we took them to the vet to make it so that there would be no more kittens, we found out that for one of them, it was too late to prevent. So we are having kittens in about a month and a half. Our children are already talking with their friends about receiving the blessing of a free kitten. The reality is that life has a way of reproducing itself.

Thank God this applies to the church as well. The church that we helped start during our first missionary term here in Mexico has already been involved in the reproduction process as well. Four times last year they sent missionaries to the Caribbean coastal state in Mexico known as Veracruz. Casey Hancock participated in two of those trips. The other two of those trips were completely financed, initiated, and coordinated by the Mexican church and her leadership from the King of Kings congregation. It is exciting and rewarding to see that the work that we helped start is growing in this way. We have so many “thank you’s” to express to God, to our prayer partners, to our financial partners, and to the national church as well. May God be praised by the ministry of His church.

In 2015, we have already sent one team of missionaries to Veracruz to help the new church work there. Allow me to give a little more detail as a follow up to our June 10, 2014 blog. (you can re-read this blog at www.mexicohancocks.com in the blog dated June 10, 2014). Tantoyuca, Veracruz, Mexico is a town in the northern part of that state about an hour and a half from the Caribbean coast of Mexico. Only the main roads are paved in sections and gravel in other sections. Dirt roads are very common and potholes are even more abundant in the area. The people tend to be very well mannered and incredibly hospitable. In every home and family we visit they offer us at least a coffee and sweet bread. We have also enjoyed patio chicken, Mexican black beans, and tamales on occasion. Patio chicken gets its name for the place where the chicken was raised not where you are when you eat it. We call it free-range chicken in the US. Some people say it tastes better than the store bought variety. You can be the judge if you have ever eaten it. Whether you like it our not, it is definitely fresh chicken.

Pictured above is Antonio who hosts a house church in his home on Thursday evenings

Guillermo Cruz and Basilio Hernandez are the two main leaders who tend to do the most traveling, preaching, and teaching. There are, however, several others who are growing and serving their community as well. Mexican believers who are not full time missionaries or pastors started the work in Veracruz. One is a teacher in a secondary school and the other is an electrician. They are disciples of Christ who have started the ministry because they saw the need that their friends, neighbors, and co-workers had for the hope in Jesus Christ.

Tantoyuca is the municipality that serves as what we called the “county seat” in Kentucky when I was a boy. There are several small towns and populated areas with names like San Sebastian, San Diego, La Florida, La Concha, and Pastoria where small house churches have started. The house church in San Sebastian has already chosen a name, they are known as the Mount of Olives Christian Church.

Pray for these four house churches and for our brothers and sisters in Christ who are learning and growing in their faith and service daily. Pray for the plans that are being made for the next missionary trip to encourage, train, and minister among them which the King of Kings church has scheduled for March 2015. I will be doing some concentrated teaching and training of their leaders so that they will be better equipped to preach, teach, and evangelize in their communities.

I will also be taking at least one new guitar to give to the inmates of the Chicontepec Municipal Jail where the ministry of these brothers and sisters in Christ reaches 40-45 inmates every other Saturday afternoon. If more donations are made by the churches in the state of Mexico then we will take two guitars to give to the inmates who congregate for worship even on days when Guillermo and Basilio do not visit them. It will be the fourth time that I have entered this jail to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. It continues to be a game changer for my heart, mind, and spirit each time I worship with the small church that has been planted inside the Chicontepec Jailhouse.

This picture below is the view from the road that climbs the mountain where the town of Chicontepec sits.


We all praise God together because He is reaching people here in Mexico with the truth of the gospel. We are excited for these results and we are incredibly blessed by your prayers and your giving which helps make this ministry possible. Way to go church! Way to go God!

Blessed to be a blessing,

Your Missionary to Mexico,
Casey Hancock

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