Construction Update and Birthday Pictures

The day before Corbin Hancock turned 14, Casey went to the airport to pick up Steve Moore who came to work in our ministry from the Whitewater Crossing Christian Church in Cleves, Ohio. Steve came to help with a construction project. Yes! We have construction projects to do. There are currently two of our churches here in Mexico who have availability for workers to come and do painting, concrete finishing, excavating, fixture installation, and general building. Contact us for details.

Steve Moore worked with concrete finishing in the courtyard at ICN, painted, trimmed, did general clean up, and enjoyed the cultural experience of being in Mexico, speaking Spanish, and eating all kinds of different foods. Steve has been involved in missions in Honduras, England, Mexico previously and in the USA. He currently serves on the missions ministry team in the Whitewater Crossing Christian Church in Ohio. We consider ourselves blessed to have hosted him here on the north side of Mexico City Metro. We thank Steve for coming and his family for lending him to us for the time he was here in Mexico.

Just recently, the Northside congregation (one of the churches that we work with here in Mexico and whose building is featured in these pictures) came in contact with an official in the local government who is finalizing a change of grounds usage. Once completed, this will allow the Northside Christian Church to post signs outside their building that announce to the community of San Miguel Xochimanga that they are a church. Please pray for the continued growth of this congregation here in Mexico.

Please enjoy these recent photos and our thanks for your partnership in prayer and in giving to this ministry.


Steve Moore laying bricks on the top of the courtyard wall at ICN

Here Steve Moore is putting new surface on the wall in the courtyard so that it can be painted at a later time.

Guillermo, one of the men from the ICN church, works with us on the ICN building. Without Guillermo, we would have been lost. He showed us how to do everything we were able to accomplish.

Casey, Teri, Elizabeth, Corbin, and Ian Hancock in the building where the King of Kings Christian Church meets for worship. This family photo was taken on Corbin’s birthday (November 9, 2014)

Birthdays are special when we celebrate with family, friends, and the church. Happy 14th Birthday Corbin! Thank you to all of you who called, sent cards, gifts, and prayers for Corbin’s Birthday. You are a blessing to us.

Your Missionaries to Mexico,

Casey and Teri Hancock and Family


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