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Casey and Teri Hancock serve the church of Jesus Christ as missionaries to the Mexico City Metropolitan area. We help start new churches and grow leaders here in Mexico.

Due to an urgent need in the Mexico City Christian Academy, Teri is serving as the First and Second Grade teacher in addition to her other ministry with the MCCA as Board Treasurer. She is a huge support to the school and to our family and helps hold us all together. Please pray for the immediate staffing needs of the Mexico City Christian Academy as well as several new teachers for the next school year. If you or someone you know would like to be a missionary teacher at an english speaking american school in Mexico, please contact us and let us know. TeriHancock@cmfi.org.

Below, Teri is pictured with her students.


Casey has been serving in three congregations primarily since returning to Mexico in 2013. The King of Kings Christian Church, the Northside Christian Church, and a mission in Tantoyuca, Veracruz, Mexico. Leadership development, preaching, teaching, discipleship, training, coaching, and mentoring are Casey’s primary areas. In addition to these ministries, Casey’s heart’s desire is to continue starting new churches and groups in the northern metropolitan area of greater Mexico City. Currently new groups are being formed in Tlalnepantla, Mexico State near the Suburban Train station.


In addition to the ministries mentioned above, Casey and Teri have hosted 6 workgroups of various sizes in 2014. The Hancock’s currently have 3 workgroups planned for 2015. If you would like to be a prayer partner, a financial partner, or come to serve in Mexico as a part of a work group team, please contact Casey Hancock. CaseyHancock@cmfi.org.

May God grant us peace,

Your missionaries to Mexico,

Casey and Teri Hancock
CMF International

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