Grandparents, what a blessing!

Elizabeth, Corbin, and Ian were greatly blessed by a recent visit from their grandparents Dick and Connie Mikels of Covington, Indiana. Dick and Connie have 7 daughters, all of whom are in the church and 3 are in professional ministry in the US, the Bahamas, and Mexico.

Teri and I were glad to receive the visit from Grandpa and Grandma as well. I know what some of you were thinking with the “In-Laws” thing, but its not like that in our family. We are a well blended family (most of the time).

Grandpa and Grandma enjoyed a class visit for Ian’s birthday party which included some reading time (pictured below).


We took a tour of a mine museum in Hidalgo.


We took Ian to Fun Central for bowling, ice skating, and arcade games. We had a great 7th birthday celebration.


And Grandpa and Grandma helped us paint our living room and dining room a bright, happy yellow.


Thank you for helping us paint!


The King of Kings Christian Church was blessed by the testimony of Dick and Connie Mikels who shared how their faith was tested, tried, and proved through the loss of their first spouses and now their faith-filled marriage to each other. Those in attendance on Wednesday evening were encouraged and challenged by the message. Dick and Connie are shown here worshipping in the back during the first half of our Wednesday evening gathering. (I was translating when they shared their testimony and could not get a picture of it.)


We always love it when people come to visit from the USA and to join in our ministry for a short time. Whether you are family or not, consider yourself invited. Contact us for scheduling.

Your missionaries to Mexico,

Casey and Teri Hancock
CMF International

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