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The following pictures and narrative depict a Sunday event which took place in October 2014 in Huehuetoca, Mexico State in the King of Kings Christian Church. Please enjoy!

Baptism identifies each person who experiences it with Christ as a representation of His death, burial, and resurrection. In our ministries here in Mexico we invite men, women, and children to participate in Christian Baptism. Recently in the King of Kings Christian Church in Huehuetoca, Mexico State we were privileged to have baptized 6 believers. Two of them became involved through the ministry of summer VBS, one through a small group Bible Study, another two because they passed by one Sunday morning where we just happened to be worshipping and the other was invited by a family member.


Your partnership in this ministry makes an eternal difference here in Mexico because people are coming to Christ and obeying Him in Baptism and in following Him daily. The church both defines itself and renews itself by the process of involving new people, telling them the truth, baptizing, and by showing others how to follow Jesus Christ. The King of Kings Christian Church is getting it right. They are also doing an outreach event for the halloween/day of the dead holiday weekend. Please pray for this event and that the church will grow because they continue to tell the truth.


After these brothers and sisters were immersed into Christ, Benjamin (pictured below standing behind the group) commissioned them to walk in faith. Part of his message focused on the fact that they now have the Holy Spirit inside them as a gift. “No one can tell you now that you do not have the Holy Spirit of God inside you. This is God’s gift to you.”

Afterwards, each of these six took the opportunity to express how contented they were and that their baptism was a meaningful experience that shows their obedience and commitment to Jesus. Everyone present laid holy hands on the brothers and sisters in prayer and praise to God.

One of the women is not only happy to have been baptized, she did it in spite of threats by her husband some months ago to leave her if she continued to be a part of the Christian Church. May God be praised and may he continue to soften the hard heart of this husband who has not followed through on his threat but instead was in attendance on this particular Sunday in October. Victory in Jesus!


The four men in white and light colored shirts pictured here below are the main leaders serving in the preaching and teaching roles. Pray for Dr. Diaz de la Cruz, Leonel, Juan, and Benjamin as they grow, mature, and serve. May God grant life to His church here and everywhere, in Jesus’ Name.


Thank you for your prayers and partnership with us in this ministry,

Casey and Teri Hancock
CMF International

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