Marvin K. Mooney or Max Lucado?

We have been reading children’s books at the Hancock house for 15 years. It’s a tradition we have and it is not likely to last for too many more years. Teri has adapted the tradition of reading aloud to include reading on road trips from classics such as the Chronicles of Narnia, Charlie and the Chocolate factory, and newer favorites like the 39 Clues. We have even read “The Partridge Principle” (a gift from the authors David and Eva Grubbs). It’s a good thing Teri doesn’t get motion sickness while reading and riding in the car. Perhaps our family tradition will continue after all.

Reading children’s books calls to mind that when it comes to hosting interns and workgroups, it could turn out like a Dr. Seuss book about Marvin K. Mooney who is repeatedly asked in the story to “Please go now!” Another option that we have to describe our experiences with guests is a Max Lucado favorite entitled, “You are Special”. If you are reading this blog as a guest or potential guest in our ministry field, please aim for the latter. We appreciate your willingness and your investment in our ministry and we hope that all of you will be ambassadors to share news of our ministry when you return home. We also hope that some of you will hear and answer God’s calling to become full-time missionaries in whatever field God calls you to.

At this point, allow me to express our appreciation to the wonderful people who came to Mexico to serve this summer.

Summer REACH Interns Karissa Burtch and Jessica Frederick. Your investment in Vera Cruz, ICN, and Huehuetoca will reap many benefits for a long time to come.

Pictured below is Karissa Burtch REACH intern. She is seen serving during a women’s bible study at King of Kings church. She helped teach the children so the moms could focus on the study of the Word of God.


Jessica Frederick leads during ICN VBS. Jessica was never afraid to jump in and get involved in the fun.


Thank you all of our workgroups from Greencastle Christian, Legacy Christian, and Whitewater Crossing Christian Churches. We are glad you came to serve this summer in Mexico.

Special Thanks to Jim Eger, James Hansee, Rich Funk, and Anita Ridener of the WCCC. Your help and preparations are appreciated.

Thank you to Matt Dierdorf, Julia Funk, Hope Hansee, Devin McQuery, Jenna “Fire” McQuery, Elizabeth Morgan, Ken Schmidt, and Nathan Schmidt for your great ministry. Thank you for bringing encouragement, blessings, and gifts with you. Without you we would have accomplished far less. (Not to mention making homemade ice cream).

Thank you Savanna Newland, Tina Newland, Abigail Wilson and Elena Wilson
for serving during your trip to Mexico. Thank you for your great help, kind spirits, and for bringing gifts for the Hancock children and for the King of Kings church.

Thank you, Dick and Connie Mikels, Tonya Mikels, and Tasha Swank for sending down supplies as well.

Thank you Brownsvalley Christian Church for your Vacation Bible School offerings. New sound equipment has been purchased and is currently being used by the King of Kings Christian Church. Your gifts make a huge difference and are greatly appreciated.

Thank you also to all of our Individual partners and church partners: Antioch Church of Christ, Brownsvalley Christian Church, FCC Evansville, FCC Maryville, Greencastle Christian Church, Second Church of Christ, and Whitewater Crossing Christian Church, with your help we are stronger and more effective. Your gifts and especially your prayers are a blessing and provide the much needed foundation on which we serve here in Mexico. Of course Jesus Christ is the firm foundation upon which He builds His church, and we are thankful that He has prompted you to provide for all of our needs and many “wants” as well.

Please enjoy the following photos taken over the summer.

Elena takes a turn at the Piñata. Fun isn’t just for the kids.


Jessica Frederick has plans for this snowman! Elizabeth Morgan has plans for Corbin Hancock! I hope she doesn’t string him up like a piñata. Julia Funk, with the experienced eye and knowing smile, is just watching it all about to happen.


Tina Newland seems very happy to be in Mexico, wouldn’t you agree?


See Rich Funk smiling in the back! He had more fun than the kids, maybe?


Devin McQuery, Matt Dierdorf, the back half of Hope Hansee and Nathan Schmidt hang out at the EBV (VBS). Corbin Hancock made this photo too.


Julia Funk, Teri Hancock, Ken Schmidt, and Elizabeth Morgan serve Jesus at EBV (VBS)


Worshipping with the King of Kings in Huehuetoca!


While these are just a few of the pictures and events from our summer, there were many good times and great memories shared here in Mexico this summer. Contact us soon to plan your trip to serve Jesus and His churches here in Mexico. You could get your smiling face posted here too!

One last picture of WCCC Students workgroup and Corbin sticking out his tongue in the back!


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