Great Reasons to Celebrate Ministry!

As an American who lives outside the USA there are two big events that I observe from a distance at this time of year. The day when our country (for those of you reading who are U.S. citizens) celebrates its independence as a
sovereign nation and the North American Christian Convention. May God be glorified in both.

The NACC provides many opportunities for reunions, meetings, worship, and celebrations. This year Christian Missionary Fellowship kicked off the NACC in our hometown of Indianapolis with a 65th birthday party. Our fellowship of missionaries began 65 years ago and still continues strong today, by God’s grace and design. Happy Birthday CMF, and may God grant many more years of service and growth. This year we are praying for and working toward the goal of sending 65 new missionary recruits to the mission field. What a great way to celebrate!

Teri and I feel like newcomers to the CMF party because we began our service to Christ and His church as CMF Missionaries when we entered Mexico in 2008. One of our biggest thrills since that time is to brag about what God is doing in the King of Kings Christian Church in Huehuetoca, Mexico. It is encouraging to see the depth and the maturity of the leadership God has called and continues to develop in this church. While none of our Mexican brothers and sisters in Christ has been to a Bible college or university, I see them lead with wisdom and insight. I praise God that they preach and teach with a passion for Jesus Christ and His bride, the church. Their hope is in Jesus Christ and they serve Him with enthusiasm as they grow everyday in their calling.

My involvement with the King of Kings church during this term means that I get to help in a few structural and organizational aspects such as coordinating the preaching rotation. I also help by providing a study base for new preachers. We currently have 4 men who are mature enough in Christ and who have accepted the call of the congregation to lead the congregation by preaching the Word of God during the public worship each week. It is an honor for me to work with them and help encourage and enhance this aspect of their ministry. Each preacher has the responsibility when he leads the public worship to coordinate all the details. That is to say that the music, offering, communion, and prayer for the children is organized by the one preaching the Bible message during worship.


Pictured above are the members of our english club in Huehuetoca. Jessica and Karissa, our summer interns are included. The screen and speaker are also visible in the background.

One resource that the church uses is recorded music with projection of the words on a screen. The King of Kings church has been using a laptop computer that was donated a few years ago by one of the Ladies Circles in the First Christian Church in Evansville, Indiana. Then the King of Kings church purchased a speaker, wireless microphone, projector, and screen from their own offerings. The Brownsvalley Christian Church in Indiana has as their goal for VBS this summer to raise enough money in the offering to buy a new mixer board so that instruments and microphones can be connected at the same time to the speakers. My prayer (although I have not mentioned it to them) is that they will surpass this goal so that we will have enough to purchase two microphone stands as well. All of these additions are needed because the King of Kings Church continues to grow and because there are musicians in the church who are preparing to take on the musical part of worship.

Your gifts, prayers, mission trips to Mexico, and your partnership with Our Great God in this project continues to encourage and bless a part of the Kingdom of God here in Mexico. Thank you.

There is joy and peace as we celebrate the accomplishments of ministry together. To God be the glory!

Your Missionary to Mexico,

Casey Hancock

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