Strong Ministry by Casey Hancock

One of my greatest joys and also one of the best measuring tools of my ministry effectiveness is the ministry that is accomplished by individuals I have discipled. In fact, I have heard it said by U.S. church leaders and ministers that the real strength of a congregation is in her sending power and not based solely on her ability to gather a crowd. In support of this perspective, I share with you the following:

When Teri and I were leading groups and teaching Bible Studies in the King of Kings church regularly, on one occasion we were blessed to be able to baptize 4 out of 5 members of the same family (the 5th was baptized by her father about 6 months later). The mother of this family of 5 was hesitant about being baptized at first. I have learned in ministry that It is not the most effective method to argue with someone about matters of faith, so I simply recommended that she investigate what God says about baptism. I suggested some scriptures for her to get started (John 3 and Romans 6 are great to read). After about a month had past, she informed me that she and her family were ready to be baptized into Christ. During her investigation, the Holy Spirit helped reveal the truth and offer motivation. She and her family became followers of Jesus Christ.

Fast forward to the present or almost present. A couple of weeks ago I preached at the King of Kings Church during their Sunday worship. While I was there I met a gentleman named Nelson. He told me part of his testimony and also that he is starting a new ministry in a community about an hour away. He asked me if I could help. Two details are blatantly obvious to me. 1)Helping Nelson get started fits well with our vision for starting new works here in Mexico, and 2)Nelson wants and needs help getting this ministry “off the ground.”

Right about now I imagine you asking the question, “What is the connection with the mom mentioned earlier?” Here it is: Nelson is her younger brother. Before two weeks ago I had never met Nelson. Now I know that he is a follower of Jesus Christ, at least in part, because his older sister shared the gospel with him. What a privilege it is to see the fruit of the ministry that has been accomplished by someone we helped disciple in Christ. We praise God the Father for his incredible work.

Thank you for your partnership with us, for your prayers, and for your gifts. Without your help, would accomplish far less than the best.

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