Investing in Children by Teri Hancock


One of my greatest concerns about moving my family to Mexico and becoming missionaries was most definitely my children. How would they handle the change, learn the language, make friends? What about their health concerns? Are there doctors, hospitals, clean food and water where we are going? With their education, do I have to homeschool or are there opportunities for them to attend a school? Will they be able to return to the states for their university experience and be successful? And the list goes on….

God has continually given me peace over these concerns during the years we have experienced here in Mexico. I have seen my children florish and grow into the amazing young people that they have become. They may not be “normal” in comparison to other young people their age from the United States. They might not be considered “normal” here in Mexico either. They are interesting and exceptional. They have an understanding and openness to things that are different which includes an awareness of others’ needs and their sufferings from the changes that life brings. They are not perfect kids but I often see the way God is working in them to grow them into the young woman and young men He created them to be.

This blessing is due in part to their opportunity to attend Mexico City Christian Academy (MCCA). It is a school on the north side of Mexico City created for children of missionaries. MCCA follows an American curriculum that is taught in their “heart” language, English. In recent years the student body has expanded to include children of international businessmen as well as several Mexican families who are looking for an opportunity to educate their children in the English language and who want a Christian education environment. Currently, there are six different nationalities represented in our student population. It is an amazing school where every student is bilingual or sometimes trilingual. Most of the students have the same experience of living in an environment and culture that is not considered their “home” environment or culture. What does all this mean? The students get each other. They understand the emotional, social, spiritual strain of living as “outsiders.” This fact alone is enough for me enroll my children in MCCA, but it certainly is not the only benefit.

Academically MCCA is an excellent school. Here, in Mexico, my children study the same curriculum and courses that are required for a high school diploma in the USA. But I still worried how they would, “measure up,” when my family returned to Cincinnati and attended school there in 2012. Each one excelled in their individual schools, testing well on the different standardized tests that are required, proof that MCCA is providing them with a quality education and a good foundation.

I have had the privilege of working in the school as a substitute teacher, as the school treasurer, and as a member of the Board of Directors. I could continue to share the many amazing qualities the school boasts but my purpose at this time is to express a need.

We are currently looking for several new teachers for the coming school year. Multiple positions will be open in both the high school and elementary program. There will be housing provided and a modest stipend and will likely require a minimal amount of missionary support to be raised.

So, If you or someone you know is an educator looking for an experience of a lifetime and an opportunity to invest in children who will have influence globally; if you feel God calling you to a new kind of ministry, then would you please consider praying about God leading you to Mexico City Christian Academy?

It might not be the easiest thing you have ever done. And you will need a willingness to learn new things, patience and flexibility. But we strongly believe that God equips those He calls and blesses those who follow His calling.

If you are not an educator you can still help. Will you please pray with me, the leadership at MCCA, and my family that God will lead the right person to apply? Please pray that God will give wisdom and discernment as we work to complete our 2014-2015 staff at MCCA.

If you are interested in learning more about the school and/or where to apply or ask questions, you can visit the school website at Mexico City Christian Academy.

Thank you.


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