Addicted to Church. by Casey Hancock


I think I may have a confession to make. There have been some times when I go to worship more than once during the week. In fact, I have been given the privilege to work with 2 or 3 churches during any given week. I don’t know exactly why but I don’t feel quite right when I miss. Often I am one of the first to arrive for worship times at church even though I am not the pastor of any single church. Also, I am sometimes one of the last to leave when an event, a study, or worship has concluded. I think somewhere in the past I may have become addicted to church. There it is. That’s my confession. I am a churchaholic.

Let me tell you about some of my recent experiences in church.

I had a private conversation with a single dad who experiences the normal temptations of a single man. We talked about finding a trustworthy accountability partner and depending on the Holy Spirit when temptation is strongest. This conversation would have never taken place if we both had not come early and began talking before everyone else arrived.

On another occasion recently, I was able to help a group of church leaders through a process of making it easy to pass on a simple, bible based, and easy to remember purpose statement. This useful tool will help them become more focused in their ministry goals as they continue to grow.

During a bible study, we discussed how difficult it is for Christian wives to be submissive to their non-believing husbands who tell them not to pray or to practice their faith. We pray for strength and meekness as these wives obey God and submit to their husbands when they can do so without disobeying God.

These are a few of the experiences we have witnessed among your Mexican brothers and sisters in Christ. Thank you for praying for the Body of Christ in Mexico. Thank you for praying for us and for giving so that we can keep being addicted to church. Without your prayers and gifts we would accomplish far less than the best. You are making a difference!


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