What about the “watched pot”? – by Casey Hancock

Have you ever heard that a watched pot never boils? We have learned that a lot happens in a new church when you are not “looking” at it everyday. While we were in the USA on furlough last year, the King of Kings church grew in many ways that we did not expect and could never have anticipated.

One connection they made was with a family from another part of Mexico known as Vera Cruz. Grandma and grandpa came to visit their granddaughter, daughter, and son-in-law who attend the King of Kings church in Huehuetoca. These grandparents are a part of an evangelistic ministry in their area but became very interested in joining our religious association.

According to government regulations here in Mexico, each church must be registered with the government. The Vera Cruz ministry is not registered. This can be a problem for them because one of their outreaches is to visit a local jail and offer a bi-weekly service of preaching, musical worship, and teaching. They can be denied access to the jail because they are not a registered church. They also need leadership development and further training in ministry. So recently, Benjamin (one of the leaders of the King of Kings church) and I went to visit the Vera Cruz ministry.

On the day we arrived, a Friday evening, we visited in the home of Memo and his family with about 30 or so of the people who participate in their ministry. We shared our testimonies, asked and answered many questions which help us to understand their ministry and them to understand how our religious association operates. On Saturday morning we drove to the jail and went through their security checks. We worshipped with about 35 or so inmates and then shared a light meal with them. After that, I thought we would return home and rest and maybe play games but that was never the plan. We stopped to pay a visit to a local mechanic who is one of their local leaders. From that visit, we made another stop to encourage a mom and her two daughters whose husband and father recently left them. We actually had another worship and preaching session there under the shelter of her patio. It must have been planned because 3 other families showed up.

After Saturday evening worship, I thought we would go home but we went instead to eat “patio chicken” (we call it free range chicken) stew at the home of Memo’s father-in-law. There we laid hands in prayer on a young married woman who has a cyst which was causing her a great deal of pain in her abdomen. After saying our goodbye’s we returned to our host home, bathed, and went to bed.

The following day was Sunday so we prepared to attend worship at the host home in a community know as La Concepcion. Memo started visiting this community 4 years earlier and sharing the good news about Jesus. When the predominantly Catholic population that lived there heard that a Christian Missionary had entered their area, on one occasion, they waited for him at the gateway ready to beat him with branches and rocks. Meanwhile, Memo escaped through the mountains at the back of their property and was spared the abuse. Four years later, there is now no longer any opposition to the Christians in the community and we were able to worship outside one of the homes in La Concepcion.

We shared a meal together and Benjamin and I returned to the state of Mexico with plans to go back again soon and help them with leadership development, ministry training, and also to help them join our religious association so that their ministry will continue to grow. They have plans to officially form a church congregation and continue ministering in the local jail and in the communities of this rural area of Vera Cruz. The leaders of the King of Kings congregation are committed to being a sponsor of this new congregation.

Please pray for this opportunity and many others here in Mexico. We are thankful that you have sent us here to serve Christ’s Church in Mexico.

Look for more updates soon.

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