2013 End of Year Update

We welcomed 2013 in Cincinnati, Ohio while on furlough in the U.S. and plan to close out the year here in Atizapan de Zaragoza, Mexico. Because of changes to the Mexican Immigration regulations, Casey needed to return to the United States to complete an application for temporary residency in Mexico at the Consulate of Mexico in Indianapolis. We thank God that they granted a visa to return to Mexico and continue working among the Mexican Christian Churches. The next step for the rest of the family is to request a change of immigration status from tourists to temporary residents based on family ties to Casey. This means that Teri, Elizabeth, Corbin, and Ian will likely not need to leave Mexico in order to receive temporary resident status. Please continue praying for this process. We have until February to resolve this issue.

Casey continues to be involved in the leadership development of the King of Kings Christian Church. Among the maturing Christians in the Huehuetoca church, two couples who were married long ago before the civil registry, have requested the blessing of the church and so have asked Casey to perform a religious ceremony in the church next spring. Because of separation of church and state in Mexico, marrying couples need to participate in dual wedding ceremonies unless they choose to only marry before the civil authority. This is a cultural difference between Mexicans and Americans.

Another start up church in the Mexican state of Vera Cruz has contacted us and requested that a missionary visit them and offer them training and leadership development. They have no affiliation with any other religious group who can offer them guidance, encouragement, and accountability. In January, Casey will be headed to the village of Tantoyuca for the first weekend seminar and to develop a strategy for this new congregation.

Please continue praying for our ministry and for the growth of Mexican Christian leaders. We praise God for your gifts and prayers. Because of your prayers, God continues to protect us from danger and continues to grant His blessing on our work. Thank you very much.

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  1. Mary Beth Smith

    Hancock Family, Denny and I hope you had a very Merry Christmas back in Mexico. Wishing you success in getting all your needed paperwork completed. Sending your family love and blessings.


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