We made it!

The Hancock’s landed safely in Mexico City and hit the ground running. Our trip through the airport security and customs seemed almost effortless. It truly would have been effortless if not for the struggle of lifting 10 pieces of luggage and 5 carry-ons plus personal items like backpacks. Everyone pitched in and it worked out fairly well. It was surprising how quickly we moved through the airport. Thank you for praying about that aspect of our return.

There are a few things we forgot about while we lived in the U.S. like what it feels like to be stared at everywhere you go because of your white skin and light hair color. We also are not accustomed to the feeling of bumpy roads and frequent speed bumps. We will likely re-adjust fairly quickly, however.

Elizabeth, Corbin, and Ian have started school at the Mexico City Christian Academy. If the first couple of days of school are any indication of how the year will go, it looks like it will be a great year. Please continue to pray for our children as they get used to a new routine for a new school year. Ian did ask this morning when Elizabeth woke him up to get ready for school, “Do we have to do this everyday?” Her answer was, “Yes we do, everyday for the rest of our lives.”

We are thankful for Steve and Kay Carpenter who are allowing us to stay in their home while we wait a few more days to move into the house where we will live this term. They are also allowing us to use their truck until they return from a conference they are attending.

We praise God for granting us favor with the government officials and that we were able to apply for a change in our status to become permanent residents of Mexico. We are so thankful for our legal representative, Rocio Ortega Monteon who helped walk us through the process so that everything worked out perfectly. Now we wait for the government officials to give us a final call for fingerprints and signatures. Pray with us that everything goes well as our application moves through the approval process.

Finally, we ask for pray for our transition time here, and for our upcoming move when we pull all of our belongings out of storage and get situated in our new home. Your prayers and gifts continue to be a tremendous blessing to us.

Thank you,
Casey and Teri Hancock

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