Progress Made

Here are a couple of quick items that we are thankful for:
We received Ian’s new passport back from the U.S. government.
All of our documentation at this point is with our representative in Mexico who is in the process of application for our Mexican visa.
We are thankful for Jim and Linda Eger as well as Steve and Susan Humbert and others for their help with logistics as we anticipate our return to Mexico.
We have enjoyed many opportunities recently to visit friends and family partners in their homes. We count it as a precious gift to be your friends.
We were very encouraged by retired missionaries to Zimbawe Dr. and Mrs. Grubbs who took us to lunch and gave us a copy of their memoirs from the mission field.

We thank God for these good things and we are grateful for your partnership in prayer for these and other requests.
Please pray with us for all to continue well and for our outgoing expenses budget.

In service to the King of Kings,
Casey and Teri Hancock

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