Unexpected Gift

One of the items on our to do list as missionaries in the U.S. is to make sure that our medical records and vaccinations are up to date. When we lived in Cincinnati years ago, we found a good family doctor who happened to be a graduate of Cincinnati Christian University. When we returned this year, we were able to reconnect with him and check off these necessities from our list. During my annual physical check up my doctor asked how I felt. I try not to be a complainer about my aches and pains but there are some things I think my doctor needs to know. Arthritis has a special tendency in my family, so I mentioned to him that I had begun to feel some of “Arthur’s” effects. I think this has to do mostly with the fact that I aggravate “Arthur Itis” by playing my guitar so much. So, I told him about it.

“You play guitar? What kind of guitar do you play?” asked my doctor. (I guess he was less interested in my arthritis, and perhaps I should be as well. Guitars are more interesting to talk about anyway.)

“I left my six-string in storage in Mexico and my daughter bought an economical starter guitar here in the U.S. when we came here last summer. She let me play hers until I found an inexpensive twelve string guitar at a music store last fall.”

We talked about styles of music and about guitars in general and then my doctor surprised me by telling me about a guitar he had been trying to sell. “I would be glad to give it to you if you are interested in it. I would like nothing better than to know that my old guitar went with you to Mexico and is helping you lead worship and share the gospel.” So I gladly accepted his gift. It reminds me of the verse from the Bible, “How lovely on the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news,” I could say something similar, “How lovely are the old guitars of doctors who give them to missionaries.” I would like to share that with you but I am afraid you will think it is too cheesy. So instead I will praise God for an unexpected gift. And I will take advantage of the opportunity to thank you for your gifts of prayer and partnership for us and for our ministry.

Do you have something of value that you could give away? Maybe you have something that you could sell and give the money to God. What a great way to get rid of things that we don’t use anymore and bless our churches or someone you know who may be in a tough financial situation with an unexpected gift! Let the example of a faith-filled family doctor inspire you to bless someone in your life with a generous gift and clean out your closet or attic.

If you take up the challenge to give something away based on what you read here, will you share the story with us by sending an email our way? (Casey@mexicohancocks.com) We praise God for you and for your generous giving.

Let the gifts begin!

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