A Team of Good Friends

Most likely, you are reading this blog because you have agreed to pray for and send the Hancock family to help grow God’s kingdom in Mexico by starting new churches. Thank you for investing in us. Your gifts and prayers are valuable to us as we serve. Perhaps you are reading this because one of our partners is a friend or acquaintance of yours and they forwarded or recommended this blog to you.

If you are the latter, then know this about the person who sent you this post: Your friend prays regularly for this church planting ministry and asks for God’s strength to infuse our mission and protect and inspire God’s missionaries. Your friend wants to see hope spring up among people who used to be without hope and without knowing that God’s love shatters their fear and conquers their doubt. Your friend could share with you an encouraging story about the King of Kings Christian Church. He probably already has. Your friend would tell you that while the Hancock’s are not perfect people (BIG surprise, right?) they are faithfully following God’s plan for their lives. Your friend may tell you that it is absolutely amazing that God has been able to take the effort that ordinary believers offered and start a growing church in a neighborhood just to the north of Mexico City. He is absolutely right! God’s work is so amazing. These details are obvious about your friend because of his friendship with the Hancock’s.

Several of our friends call or email us occasionally to let us know they have been thinking about our family and have prayed for our work. Many of our friends have traveled to Mexico or are making plans to visit Mexico to see our work first-hand. We thank God for the kind of friends who pray for us in their Bible classes or small groups. Our friends often put a picture of our family magnetized to the refrigerator door or tape it on the bathroom mirror so they can remember us often and pray for us frequently.

We are grateful for our friends. Please leave us a comment and let us know how we can pray for you or be a better friend to you.

Blessings and peace through Christ,

Casey and Teri Hancock

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