Pray for the Hancock’s

Have you ever sensed that someone was praying for you? Whether you have sensed it or not, someone has been praying for you. A friend of yours has asked God to protect and lead you today. How hopeful is that? Because you have been prayed for, the pathway before you has been cleared of some obstacle that would have tried to make you stumble and fall. There is a mystical power that comes to us in our prayers that escorts us further into God’s perfect will for us. Someone has been asking God to be present in your life today and to reveal Himself and His will to you. Will you take a few moments to pass on the blessing that your prayer carries with it to someone close to you? While you are praying, will you please pray for the Hancock’s as well?

Thank you,

Casey and Teri Hancock

Prayers for the Hancock’s:
Passport and government documents approval
Elimination of obstacles that can slow down progress in our return to Mexico
Pre-school and 8th grade graduations and end of school year activities

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