One person you can influence

In my last post, I hope you found something to be encouraged about being a missionary. While I believe that everyone who becomes a follower of Jesus Christ is a missionary to one degree or another, not all of us are asked by God to leave our hometown or even our home country in order to help other people. Some of us are.

But every one of us can influence one person to be a better believer without going anywhere. Do you believe that last statement? Do you believe that you can make one person a more obedient, helpful, compassionate, rock-solid follower of Jesus? You can! And if you are not sure who it is, I will be happy to let you know who it is. It’s YOU!

I met Patsy Wilson in Lincoln, Illinois in the late 1980’s and I hope to never forget something she taught me. “You cannot share what you do not have.” It is so important to keep your love of Jesus alive, fresh, warm and vibrant. The most important person for you to make sure is living like Jesus Christ is you. You and I may not be able to help everyone else be better followers of Jesus but we can make one person a better disciple. One day at a time. One choice at a time. We can grow. As long as we are still pumping blood to our bodies and breathing in and out, we can do something about our attitudes and our actions.

Why not take the next 5-10 minutes to ask God to help you be a better believer? Concentrate on just one aspect for starters. Maybe you want to say kind words to others instead of focusing on things others do wrong. Perhaps you want to have more self-control. What about inviting more peace into your life by avoiding arguments with your closest friends or family? Why not imagine an unselfish act you could do for someone else and then do it? Always remember that Jesus believes you can do it. In fact, He promised to be with you every step of the way. Matthew 28:20

Would you take a moment and comment on this post (there is a link for comments at the top and to the left of this post) with one of the verses from God’s Word that helps inspire you to be a better follower of Jesus? Thanks.

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