Defining “missionary”

What does it mean to be a missionary? If a mission’s goal is to achieve a great result, then a missionary is a person whose objectives closely align with what will ultimately accomplish that same great result. Soldiers and spies go on missions. They have tasks to perform that will help give a tactical advantage to their military. Astronauts have their missions. In the Apollo missions, astronauts landed on and explored the moon. Many advances in technology have come about because of our space program. Click here to read more about tech advances

Jesus gave instructions to his closest friends and followers to pass on the teachings that He had given them. The Christian Mission began when Jesus came to earth to show all of us a better way to live and to die and to live again. Jesus passed on the mission to others when He told his followers to go and make disciples (people who follow Him and His teaching). The way to accomplish that according to Jesus is to show others the way to live like He said to live. His actual words can be found in Matthew 28:19-20. Many believers can quote these two verses because the concepts found in them have become their lifelong pursuit. Since the days when Jesus walked the earth as a preacher, teacher, healer, and mentor; His followers have been trying to carry on His mission to help people live better lives and find hope in an eternity with Him in heaven.

According to what you have just read, would you agree that every follower of Jesus will be a missionary to one degree or another? Click on the comment link at the top left of this post to share your thoughts and perspective.

My understanding of what a missionary is relates to what you read above. Specifically, that a follower of Jesus Christ and a missionary are one and the same. Some followers of Jesus are just beginning to obey Him. Others seem to have changed enough that they successfully show many ways Jesus said to live. Still others are taking it a step further by helping those around them to improve as well. Each of these believers is trying to live like Jesus. Where do you see yourself in this picture? What is one step you can take today that will help you become more like Jesus?

Thank you for taking time to read this blog entry. My prayer is that you become a better follower of Jesus Christ.

Peace to you,
Casey Hancock

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  1. James Hansee

    Good thoughts, though I think there are benefits to more narrowly defining a “missionary” as someone who is vocationally working to make disciples in a foreign culture/context. I believe all Christians play a role in the Great Commission, but I reserve the term missionary in my communication for those who are working on the Great commission vocationally, cross-culturally.


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