Making a difference one family at a time

On the day that Adrian, Esther, and Ximena moved into their rented house in URBI near the park, the King of Kings Christian Church was worshipping under the tents that were purchased with donations from VBS offerings given by one of our partner churches.   They saw believers worshipping Jesus outdoors so they walked over and were greeted, welcomed, and invited to join in.   Since that day they have grown in their faith and in their obedience to Christ. Esther and Ximena have been baptized. Adrian and Esther were joined in marriage in the eyes of the Mexican government, the church, and before God. They continue to serve Christ and grow closer as a family and love God’s family.

Thank you for giving and praying so that new churches like the King of Kings Christian Church can make an impact in the lives of people like Adrian, Esther, and Ximena. May God grant a blessing to each gift and each giver; each prayer and each one who prays.

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