May 2018 Hancock’s in Mexico

Thank you for being interested in our ministry and in providing help for us to do God’s work here in the Mexico City metro zone. Our experience here in Mexico has been protected, provided for, and blessed by you and by your prayers on our behalf and on behalf of your Mexican brothers and sisters … [Read More]

December 2017 What’s Happening with the Hancock’s in Mexico?

Welcome to the December 2017 Update from your Mexico Hancock’s! On December 1 we woke up to find our van sitting outside of our front door but it was missing all four tires and rims. A precision team of thieves had stolen them while we slept. Strike one. We learned from the insurance company that … [Read More]

Mexico Earthquake Relief – September 2017

If you can imagine camping out but without the beauty of nature surrounding you, then you can begin to get a feel for the current situation of many families in Mexico City who cannot enter their homes after the earthquake. The families whose homes were destroyed completely have given up the hope of their homes … [Read More]

June 2017

June this year brought us a very large milestone as our oldest child (adult now) graduated from the Mexico City Christian Academy.  Elizabeth Joy Hancock received high academic honors and graduated first in her class of 3. We were glad to have lots of family and friends present with us. We send out a special … [Read More]

Holy Week Update Tuesday April 11, 2017

Jesus is Risen! Indeed. Let me jump right in because many of you are requesting photos and updates. Thank you for your excitement, your prayers, and your investment in Christ’s work in Mexico. You may have read or heard that the King of Kings Christian Church is purchasing a piece of property from the owner. … [Read More]

March 2017 Update Hancock’s in Mexico

We are thankful and a little overwhelmed by God’s grace and your giving! We have often communicated to you that without your help we could do far less than we have been able to accomplish as we do our part of God’s work. Many of you have been with us since before we came to … [Read More]

Fall Update 2016

Greetings from the Hancock’s, your missionaries in Mexico. First of all we send you our thanks for your gifts, prayers, and support for this ministry. Without you, we would not be able to continue serving God and His church here in Mexico. Our prayer is for God to return to you in even greater measure … [Read More]

Summer Outreach 2016 King of Kings

Summer Outreach The K2 ministry started ministry in the UrbiVillas del Rey neighborhood by offering Bible studies in homes. As we grew larger in numbers, we put up a tent in the park and worshipped together in the open air. For the past several years, K2 has met in a rented building. Their hope and … [Read More]

Summer 2016 Has Begun

While summer months in the USA (at least in the midwest) means more sunshine and hot weather, here in the altitude of the Mexico City valley it means the rainy season has begun. Cooler temperatures in the mornings and evenings mean that, as I write this, I am wearing long-sleeves and long pants. It is … [Read More]

Who Would Have Thought It? In Mexico.

Even among the Mexican people, many of them anyway, police officers have a reputation for being corrupt and dishonest. I do not need to speculate about that, I have met some of them who were very dishonest. Recently, however, I met an entire police department of good, Christ-honoring men and women in uniform. A new … [Read More]